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Shipping From Qatar To Australia

Are you a business wanting to bring goods into Australia from Qatar? Welcome to TSL’s comprehensive freight forwarding service. We’re here to help you with all aspects of shipping from Qatar to Australia, from pick-up right through to delivery and everything in between.

Why Import From Qatar?

There are several reasons why you may choose to do business with this tiny country with a population of just 2.6 million. For starters, because of its huge oil and gas reserves, Qatar is one of the most economically secure countries in the Gulf. It has been a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the body regulating international trade, since 1996. For more information about this Middle Eastern country, please see the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Qatar fact file
Capital: Doha
Population: 2.6 million
Top export destinations: Japan, Republic of Korea, India
Key exports to Australia: Fertilisers, aluminium, refined petroleum, sulphur and iron pyrites
Yearly goods trade with Australia: $AU 947 million (2016-17)
Free Trade Agreement with Australia? : No

Which Transportation Method Is Best For Shipping From Qatar To Australia?

If you wish to bring goods into Australia from Qatar, you’ll need to decide which method of transportation will make most sense for your business. TSL can help with both sea and air freight services from Qatar and is here to answer any further questions you may have about these two options.

Ocean Freight Services From Qatar

Are you looking to transport your goods into Australia using the cheapest method of transport? Shipping via ocean freight services from Qatar is less costly than using air freight services from Qatar. Ocean cargo will usually take between 35 and 45 days to reach Australia from the Middle East and is ideal if the goods you are wanting to bring in are heavy or bulky. The actual transit time will depend on a variety of factors, such as what type of shipping container you hire out and weather conditions out at sea.

Air Freight Services From Qatar

Shipping goods on an aeroplane, of course, takes much less time than using ocean freight services from Qatar, with transportation usually taking between one and six days. It is, however, pricier than sending your items via the ocean. The total time taken will depend on factors such as where your pick-up and delivery points are, and how much inland transportation is required.

To find out more about Qatar’s export market, please see this page on the Australian Trade and Investment Commission’s website.