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Are you looking to expand your network and sell Australian products in North America – or market USA produce in Australia? This could mean great things for your business. The USA has the largest, most competitive and technologically advanced economy in the world, as well as a huge population of 328 million. It also offers a highly competitive consumer demand, minimal language barriers and great access to global supply chains, making it extremely suitable for trade with Australian businesses.

If you’re looking to secure reliable sea freight from USA to Australia or from Australia to the USA, you’ll need the services of a reputable and reliable logistics company. That is where TSL Australia comes in.

Freight Forwarding With TSL

TSL is an Australian importer and exporter who can organise sea freight to and from USA for a fantastic price. If you have a fleet of vehicles you wish to export to USA by sea or a shipping container’s worth of office equipment to bring to Australia, TSL can help.

Sea Freight From USA To Australia (And Vice Versa)

When you transport goods between USA and Australia, they’ll end up travelling at the very least 11,500 km – this is the distance between the two continents at the nearest point. The main mode of transport will be either boat or plane. TSL is here to help you decide which of these two methods is best suited to your consignment and your needs. This decision is usually based on:

  1. Your budget – it will cost you less to import from/export to USA by sea than by air
  2. Your timeframe – sea freight from USA to Australia and vice versa takes at least four times as long as air travel
  3. Your buyer’s preference – your overseas buyer may stipulate that you transport using sea or air freight
  4. Type of goods – small, light packages are well suited to air travel while bulky, heavy and oversize items usually work better as sea freight

Whether you choose to import from/export to USA by sea or by air, TSL will secure deals with the world’s most reliable carriers thanks to fantastic relationships and trust that we have built up over several years.

Thinking About Becoming An Australian Importer And Exporter?

If you are interested in arranging air or sea freight to and from USA in order to market goods to new customers overseas, here are four broad steps to guide you:
1. Gather information: Find out everything you can about the items you wish to import, and investigate whether there is a current – or emerging – market for them
2. Locate suppliers: Research producers of the goods you plan to export, make offers and secure a contract
3. Market your goods: Identify channels within the receiving country for selling the produce
4. Organise shipping: Use a freight forwarding service such as TSL to organise your export operation. A good logistics firm will help you make all the important decisions, such as whether to choose sea or air freight to and from USA, as well as completing all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Free Trade Agreement

In recent years, it has become more straightforward to become an Australian importer and exporter doing business with the USA. The Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA), which came into force in 2005, has made Australia a more attractive place for the USA to invest and secured greater access to the USA market for Australian producers. It removed many tariffs on Australia’s highly exported products in the manufacturing, farming and mining industries. It has also given Australia preferred status as an FTA partner which will help protect it from any future global safeguarding measures.

Quick Tips For Doing Business In The USA

Business culture in the USA is extremely like that of Australia in many ways, but there are also a few differences to bear in mind. Here are some tips to get you started:

– Like Australia, the USA operates with a federal system. State laws vary significantly which may affect trading
– Regional differences are highly pronounced between states in the USA; this may affect where you are able to market Australian produce
– Americans may use the English language differently from Australians. It’s usually best to avoid using humour in business meetings just in case it’s misunderstood
– Many Americans take religion very seriously, with Christians representing around 75% of the population
– After 9/11 the US tightened all security procedures for cargo which means paperwork needs to be 100% accurate in every case
– The 2020 Covid-19 global pandemic also affected trade with the USA; please ask the staff at TSL about the current situation.

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