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Are looking to expand your network and sell Australian products in Europe – or market German produce in Australia? This could mean great things for your business. After all, this European country is the fourth largest economy in the world and the strongest in the European Union (EU). If you’re looking to secure reliable sea freight from Germany to Australia or vice versa, you need to employ the services of a reputable and reliable logistics company. That is where TSL Australis comes in.

Freight Forwarding With TSL

TSL is an Australian importer and exporter who can organise sea freight to and from Germany for a fantastic price. Whether you have a fleet of vehicles you wish to export to Germany by sea, or a container’s worth of office equipment to bring to Australia, TSL can help out.

Sea Freight From Germany To Australia (And Vice Versa)

When you transport goods between Germany and Australia, your items will end up travelling at least 13,500 km – that’s about a third of the world’s circumference. The main mode of transport will be either boat or plane. TSL is here to help you decide which of these two methods is best suited to your consignment and your needs. This decision may depend on:

  1. Your budget – it will cost you less to export to Germany by sea than by air
  2. Your timeframe – sea freight from Germany to Australia and vice versa takes at least five times longer than air travel
  3. Your buyer’s preference – your European contact may request you use one transportation method over the other
  4. Type of goods – smaller, lighter packages suit air travel while bulky, heavy and oversize items work better as sea freight

Whether you choose to import from/export to Germany by sea or by air, TSL will secure great deals with shipping and air freight companies using our fantastic relationships with the world’s most reliable carriers.

Thinking About Becoming An Australian Importer And Exporter?

If you are interested in planning air or sea freight to and from Germany, here are four broad steps to think about:

1. Gather information: Research the items you wish to import and find out whether there is a current market for them
2. Locate suppliers: Explore German manufacturers of the goods you hope to bring into Australia, make offers and find a deal
3. Market your goods: Find outlets within Australia for the produce or items you plan to sell
4. Organise shipping: Use a freight forwarding service such as TSL to organise your import operation. Your chosen logistics firm will help you make all the important decisions such as whether choose sea or air freight to and from Germany and complete all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

TSL Takes Care Of The Paperwork – And Everything Else

Freight forwarding is an intricate process comprised of many different stages and involving several agencies, companies and jurisdictions. The details vary greatly according to the type of cargo you’re transporting. Although you are employing the services of an Australian importer and exporter with TSL, the operation will involve many parties based in other countries too. It is vital for your logistics provider to have good relationships with all parts of the chain.