Is your business looking to carry out sea freight imports from Thailand to Australia? Want to make the most of two Free Trade Agreements and ample opportunities for new business ventures? Allow TSL to step in and help. We are a logistics firm based in Melbourne, Australia, offering a comprehensive freight forwarding service all across Southeast Asia and beyond. We can organise every aspect of the process for you, all at really competitive prices. Our contacts and connections enable us to secure a top-quality service in sea freight exports Thailand to Australia.

Sea Freight Export Thailand To Australia

Sending your consignment from Thailand to Australia by ocean is the cheapest transportation method. Naturally, it takes longer than air travel: usually around 18-30 days compared to 1-6 days by plane. Transit times for ocean shipping vary according to a number of factors, for example weather conditions. The type of shipping container will also affect the timings: if you choose a private container it will be quicker, as you will not be delayed by other users. With a shared (or consolidated) container, your consignment is at risk of having to wait for other people’s cargo.

Why Send Produce By Ocean?

Ocean shipping is an economical solution for larger shipments, with a particularly high cost effectiveness for consignments that weigh over 120kgs. If you want to import products from Thailand into Australia, ocean travel is a great option – especially if your cargo is bulky or heavy. TSL Australia is here to organise all aspects of your sea freight operation for you. We can also provide all associated services such as packing, distribution and warehousing.

Free Trade Deal: Thailand And Australia

Thanks to the TAFTA, the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement, trade between Australia and Thailand has become a lot easier. Since the TAFTA came into force in 2005, the total two-way trade between these two countries has more than doubled. Australian businesses wanting to trade with Thailand can also benefit from another free trade agreement, the AANZFTA, which applies to trade between Australia/New Zealand and the countries in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

If you want to discover what tariff you will pay when exporting a certain product from Thailand, you can use the Australian Government’s Free Trade Agreement Portal. This tool allows you to enter your item into a search engine, then gives you the tariff you will pay when your goods enter the country.

Why Import Products From Thailand?

There are several reasons why you may choose to import products from Thailand. This Southeast Asian nation is a regional and global manufacturing hub for vehicles, automotive components, consumer electronics and processed food and beverages. It is also a leading exporter of agricultural commodities (particularly rice, palm oil, rubber sugar and seafood), and has excellent infrastructure.

The total merchandise trade between Australia and Thailand (imports and exports) was A$11.1 billion in 2016-17. Thailand’s first trading partner is the US, which receives around 11.4% of Thai exports. The next is China; this country receives about 11% of Thai exports. Japan is third, receiving about 9.6% of Thai exports. Australia is 14th, receiving approximately 1.8% of Thai exports.

To find out more about Thailand’s trade relationship with Australia, please see this report from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. There is also some useful information on the Australian Trade and Investment Commission’s website.

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