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If you’re looking to expand your business network and sell products in North America, why not export to USA by sea or air with TSL? USA is the largest, most competitive and technologically advanced economy in the world, with a huge population of 328 million. It offers a highly competitive consumer demand, minimal language barriers and great access to global supply chains, making it highly suitable for trade with Australian businesses.

Areas of potential include:
-Advanced manufacturing (aerospace, marine, automotive)
-Agribusiness (precision ag, agtech, food processing, aquaculture)
-Financial technology (commercial banking, lending, securities exchange, wealth management)
-Renewable energy (generation, distribution and maintenance)
-Edtech (K-12 sector, higher education and corporate/adult learning)

Exporting To USA
When you export goods to USA from Australia, your items will need to travel at least 11,500 km, which is the shortest distance between the two coasts. Your goods will be carried over the ocean either by boat or plane. TSL is here to help you decide whether it makes more sense for you to export by air from Australia to USA or to use ocean freight services. We’ll base this decision on several factors, including:

  1. Your budget – air freight services to USA are generally more costly than sea freight services
  2. Your timeframe – sea freight services to USA take at least four times as long as air travel
  3. Buyer’s preference – your North American contact may find one transportation method preferable over the other
  4. Consignment type – heavy, bulky and oversize items are generally better sent as sea freight

Our team will research the options on your behalf then talk you through your options. Together we’ll come up with the most logical and cost-effective way to export your shipment to USA.

Sea Freight Services To USA

If you choose to import to USA by sea, you’re looking at a transit time of between 26 and 36 days, depending on your start and end points in each of the countries. Your goods will leave Australia at the port that makes most sense financially, logistically and geographically. Cargo will enter USA at one of the country’s 360 or so commercial ports. Below are the country’s five busiest ports:

1. Port of Los Angeles                                 West coast, California state
2. Port of Long Beach                                  West coast, California state
3. Port of New York & New Jersey            East coast, NY state
4. Port of Savannah                                     East coast, Georgia state
5. Port of Seattle-Tacoma                         West coast, Washington state

Air Freight Services To USA

With exports by air from Australia to USA, consignments will naturally arrive at their destination much more quickly than by boat. Journey times can be as little as 24 hours – and up to six days – depending on the availability of direct flights. When you export by air from Australia to USA, your load is often dropped more closely to its final destination, reducing the journey time even further.

Expert Heavy Haulage For Inland Travel
When calculating estimated journey duration for air and sea freight services to USA, we’ll often need to take into account inland travel times. If your goods need to be picked up from western Queensland and dropped off in a remote location in the Rocky Mountains, you’ll need to add extra days on either end. Whether you import to USA by sea or by plane, your cargo will always be forwarded to its end destination inside our expert heavy haulage vehicles or freight trains and handled using specialised equipment such as cranes and industry-specific trailers.