Trade between Australia and Qatar is worth millions: in 2017 merchandise trade between the two countries was worth $AU 947 million and the services trade was worth $AU 823 million. Are you hoping to export to Qatar? Do you want to make the most of the growing relationship between Australia and this Middle Eastern nation? TSL is here to help. We offer a comprehensive freight forwarding service for businesses throughout Australia and the world. We can organise great-value sea and air freight services to Qatar and will ensure your goods arrive there with zero hassle.

What Is A Service Import?

It’s probably clear to you what a goods export is – but what do we mean when we talk about Qatar imports of services? A service export is any service provided by a resident in one country to a company or people in another. Such services can cover a wide range of industries. The following are ways Qatar imports of services from Australia may be carried out:

  • An Australian translation company providing translation services to clients in Qatar
  • Qatari residents ringing call centres in Australia and using their services
  • Rents paid by an Australian resident or company for property in Qatar
  • Use of Australian franchises in Qatar
 Qatar fact file
 Capital: Doha
 Population: 2.6 million
 Top import sources: United States, China and Germany
 Key goods imports: Aircraft/spacecraft, machinery and mechanical appliances, vehicles, electrical machinery, commodities and gems
 Key goods imports from Australia: Aluminium ores, meat, live animals
 Yearly goods trade with Australia: $AU 947 million (2016-7)
 Yearly services trade with Australia: $AU 823 million (2016-7)

Sea And Air Freight Services To Qatar With TSL

If you want to export to Qatar, you will need to decide whether it makes more sense to transport your goods using sea or air freight services to Qatar. Transporting goods to Qatar by plane is by far the quickest method. It typically takes between one and six days for goods to reach Australia from Qatar. Air freight is the logical choice if your consignment is not too bulky or heavy, and your budget allows you to invest in air transportation.

Doing Business In Qatar: Some Things To Remember:

  • Qatar is an Islamic country which follows Sharia Law.
  • While English is used for business purposes, many documents need to be in Arabic by law – for examples invoices and product labels.
  • It takes time to build up trust and relationships in Qatar– winning business may be a longer process than what many Australians are used to – so don’t rush things. The key is patience. Many visits the country and multiple meetings may be needed before deals are reached and papers are signed.
  • Qatar is more conservative than Australia, so men should always wear a shirt, suit and tie during business meetings. Women should dress modestly in long-sleeved tops and skirts below the knee (although headscarves are not necessary).
  • Men should shake hands with other men, but are advised not to touch women unless they’ve given a clear sign that this is OK.
  • Things to avoid are a) using your left hand to pass objects, eat or drink (this is considered unclean) and b) sitting with the soles of your feet facing the people you are with (this is considered offensive).
  • The working week in Qatar is Sunday to Thursday.