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Professional Wine Exports

Exporting wine is big business in Australia – which is unsurprising considering how many delicious reds and whites are produced in this country. Yarra Valley Pinot Noir, Hunter Valley Shiraz, Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon… the list of great Australian vines goes on and on. If you wish to export some delicious wine from Australia and need an expert freight forwarder to help you with customs clearance, sea freight or air freight, why not try TSL? We’re an expert logistics company with all the right connections in the industry. We look forward to working with you.

Australian Wine Exports

Australia is the world’s fifth largest wine exporter, exporting over 60% of its wine production. Wine exports represent over $2.5 billion per year, with an incredible 22 million glasses of Aussie wine consumed around the world every single day! If you’re hoping to cash in on the popularity of Australian wine and export some of this tasty alcoholic liquid overseas yourself, look to TSL for all your freight forwarding needs. We’re a professional wine exporter who can organise your sea and air freight wine shipments anywhere in the world.

Overseas Wine Markets

Over 2,000 Australian wine exporters export tens of thousands of different wines to over 120 destinations throughout the world. Australia’s top five export markets for wine by value are:

1. China (33%)
2. The US (18%)
3. The UK (14%)

By volume, the UK beats China to the top of the chart – the Brits are a nation of wine drinkers but the nation doesn’t produce many of its own, making it reliant on imports.

Wine Export Approval (WEA)

A number of procedures exist in order to ensure that only great-value products end up in the glasses of overseas wine drinkers. This protects the reputation of Australian wines overseas and ensures the long-term success of wine exports.

Wine Australia, the government body regulating wine exports, states that all wine shipments over 100 litres need export approval. Products need to be registered with Wine Australia before being exported. Wine Export Approval (WEA) can be obtained online and consists of three elements: Licence to Export, Product Registration, and Export Permit.

Free Trade Agreements

Some countries require further documentation for wine imports from Australia. This will depend on the country you are exporting to, and the trade agreement between Australia and that country. Once you have obtained WEA for your wine, you can hand over your wine shipping task to TSL Australia and we’ll do the rest. We’ll obtain your Certificate of Origin and Health Certificate on your behalf, and arrange customs clearance so that your shipment arrives in its destination country with no hiccups.

Bulk Wine Exports

Over the last decade or so, there has been a significant increase in the amount of wine being exported from Australia in bulk. According to the International Organisation of Wine and Vine (OIV), around 40% of all wine exports are made in bulk. Exporting wine in bulk rather than in glass bottles saves shipping costs. Without the glass, the consignment weighs a lot less and takes up less space. With liquid bulk, the wine is poured into tanks for transportation.

Bulk Wine Shipments

During loading and transportation, bulk wine shipments are subject to certain procedures. The overseas packaging facility also needs to meet certain standards, with regard to aspects such as the additives added and the labels used. TSL has formed excellent links with specialist wine shippers to ensure all requirements of the Bulk Wine Loading Procedure are met, so that your consignment is compliant with Australian law. You can find out more about bulk wine exports from Wine Australia.

TSL Expert Wine Exporter

TSL offers reliable logistics services in wine exports anywhere in the world. We are highly experienced in wine trading and have a huge global network. We’re connected with all the best providers in wine exports services both in Australia and overseas.

A Comprehensive Service

As well as helping our customers export wine as air freight and sea freight, TSL can provide a number of peripheral services. We offer warehousing, packing, distribution and online tracking.