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The Port of Whyalla is a bulk port in South Australia operating over three separate sites. Do you need to organise imports or exports into Australia through Whyalla? Are you on the lookout for a professional Port Whyalla freight forwarder? Look to TSL – we can provide all your freight forwarding needs at really competitive prices. We’re also a competent Port Whyalla customs broker, so we can help you get your consignment through even the most complicated customs barriers with zero delays. We have all the necessary contacts to be able to organise all aspects of your sea freight to Whyalla Port with record-breaking efficiency.

About the Port of Whyalla (Seaport Code: AUWYA)

The town of Whyalla is known as the ‘Steel City’ because of its shipbuilding heritage and steelworks. Its port is located on the western coast of the northern Spencer Gulf, around 380km north of Adelaide in South Australia.

The port comprises three separate areas, the Inner Harbour, the Outer Harbour and the Offshore Transhipment Points. The port handles general cargo as well as bulk and finished products including finished steel and coke by-products. Bulk sea freight from Whyalla Port includes iron ore, which it has been exporting since 1903. The transhipment points allow iron ore to be loaded onto larger vessels in deeper water, some of which are over 280m long.

Bulk Cargo: Sea Freight to Whyalla Port

Bulk cargo is homogenous unpacked cargo such as coal, iron ore and grain. These commodities would be described as dry bulk. Commodities imported or exported in a liquid form, such as oil and other petroleum-based products, are described as wet or liquid bulk. Bulk cargo handled at the Port of Whyalla includes coal, limestone, dolomite and coke by-products. The port’s bulk berth is equipped with a 26-tonne crane which is used to load up ocean-going vessels (OGVs).

General Cargo: Whyalla Freight Forwarder

General cargo ships can be used to transport practically any type of dry non-bulk cargo, from agricultural machinery to railway lines. They are versatile and able to carry cargo in containers, or bagged up, as well as bulk cargo.

TSL: Top-quality Port of Whyalla Shipping Agents

TSL is a Port of Whyalla shipping agent with well-established links to the top industry suppliers of services in sea freight from Whyalla Port. We have spent several years honing our services and combine expertise with a can-do attitude to ensure we provide a 100% effective logistics service. Whether you need a Port Whyalla customs broker or a local transporter for your exports and imports, we’re fully confident we can deliver your cargo on time, every time. Our end-to-end logistics service covers all aspects of sea freight to Whyalla Port.