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If you’re running a business in Victoria and need to import or export goods to or from Australia, it may make sense to do so through Portland. TSL is a Port of Portland shipping agent able to organise sea freight from Portland Port and sea freight to Portland Port on your behalf. If you need Port of Portland customs brokers or are looking to arrange inland travel within Australia or in another country, try out our100% reliable and great-value service.

About the Port of Portland (Seaport Code: AUPTJ)

Port of Portland is a deep-water bulk port located between Melbourne and Adelaide, in the Australian state of Victoria. It’s very close to shipping lanes and deep-water approaches, which makes for the painless arrival of extremely large vessels. The port injects around $2.5 billion into the country every year.

Imports and Exports: Shipping to and from Portland

The port deals with around six million tonnes of throughput each year. It processes a number of bulk commodities including those related to the agricultural, forestry and mining sectors. Exports from the Port of Portland include grain, logs, woodchips, aluminium and livestock, while some examples of imports are alumina and fertiliser. You can find out more about the Port of Portland from the port’s website.

BulkSea Freight from Portland Port

Bulk cargo refers to items that are shipped loosely in big quantities, without being placed into packages or containers. Examples of bulk cargo are items such as such as coal, iron ore and grain, which would be described as dry bulk. Commodities exported in a liquid form, such as oil and other petroleum-based products, are described as wet bulk or liquid bulk. Bulk sea freight from Portland Port includes grains, logs, woodchips and fertiliser.

Bulk ports such as Portland require high levels of infrastructure and equipment, and logistics which are managed meticulously, especially where export commodities with varying specifications are being processed. As a top-rate Port of Portland freight forwarder, TSL will work alongside the port staff in order to achieve the best possible processes for your bulk cargo.

Breakbulk Sea Freight to Portland Port

In addition to its bulk cargo operations, Portland Port accommodates the import and export of breakbulk cargo. Breakbulk refers to cargo that’s loaded individually onto a ship rather than being placed in a shipping container. It may be driven or towed onto RoRo (roll-on roll-off) carriers, or placed into boxes, crates, bags, drums or barrels and lifted on. Breakbulk cargo is the bulky, tall items – the huge pieces of machinery, the vehicles and the motor homes.

TSL: Professional Port of Portland Shipping Agents

TSL is a Port of Portland freight forwardable to organise your imports and exports. Over the years, we have formed fantastic relationships with top industry suppliers of services in sea freight from the Port of Portland. For reliable Port of Portland customs brokers or local transporters, please get in touch with us today. We’re 100% confident we can deliver your consignment on time, every time. Our end-to-end logistics service covers all aspects of sea freight to the Port of Portland.