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If you’re organising shipments to or from Tasmania, it’s likely that your cargo will arrive or leave the island through the Port of Hobart. Tasmania exports a high amount of cargo overseas, with its exports usually amounting to around 65% of its total overseas trade figure. In order for your shipping operations to run smoothly, it’s vital that you find a Port of Hobart freight forwarder you can rely on.

About the Port of Hobart (Seaport Code: AUHBA)

Hobart Port is in the south-east of Tasmania, on the Derwent River. Goods processed through the port are fertilizers, metals and containerised items. Facilities include cold storage for perishable goods. The port also welcomes cruise ships and naval vessels, as well as Antarctic supply vessels. Incat lightweight catamarans are also built there.

In August 2018 it was announced that $50-$60 million would be invested into Hobart Port as part of a wider $200 million-plus plan for Tasmania’s ports. Improvements in the pipeline included building a permanent base for RSV Nuyina, Australia’s ice breaker research vessel.

BulkSea Freight from Port of Hobart

Bulk cargo refers to items that are shipped unpackaged in large quantities, rather than being transported in containers or packages. Material is either in liquid or granular form, or as a mass of relatively small solids, with examples including petroleum,crude oil, coal, grain or gravel. This type of cargo is usually dropped (solids) or poured (liquids) into a merchant shipor tanker truck.TSL is a Port of Hobart freight forwarder able to organise your bulk sea freight operations on your behalf. To find out more, please fill out our Free Freight Review or give us a call.

Containerised Sea Freight fromHobart Port

Hobart Port is equipped with a shipping container facility where containerised cargo is preparedfor importing and exporting. Shipping containers are usually made of steel and have heavy rubber doors. They canused to transport just about anything that fits inside them. If you need to import or export goods through Hobart Port, your Hobart shipping agent can organise container hire for you. Please contact us via our website or by phone in order to find out more about TSL’s Port of Hobart freight forwarding services.

Port of Hobart Customs Broker

Customs brokerage (also called customs clearance) is clearing goods through customs barriers both in Australia and overseas. As a leading Port of Hobart customs broker, TSL understands perfectly that customs brokerage can be a delicate operation that requires a precise and reliable service.

Customs clearance is often time-sensitive – and at times, urgent. It is crucial for your business that this task is carried out with the utmost accuracy and care. For this reason, TSL has developed highly effective systems in order to make our customs brokerage highly precise andextremely reliable. When we organise your sea freight to Hobart Port, we always stick to these high standards so your goods are cleared for onward travel as quickly as possible, and with zero complications.

TSL: Professional Hobart Shipping Agents

TSL is a Hobart shipping agent with excellent working relationshipswith top industry suppliers of services in sea freight from Hobart Port. If you’re in need of a local transporter or Port of Hobart customs broker for your imports or exports through Hobart, we can help you out. We can quickly and easily arrange to deliver your precious cargo, anywhere in the world. Our end-to-end logistics service covers all aspects of sea freight to Hobart Port.