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If you’re operating a business in the northern part of Western Australia and need to carry out imports and exports, Dampier Port may be the best gateway in and out of the country. This major industrial port is located on the Burrup Peninsula, off the state’s northern coast. It is a large bulk export port with a huge network both inland and at sea. TSL is a Port of Dampier freight forwarder able to organise all your shipping logistics. If you’re in need of a Port of Dampier customs broker or are hoping to arrange any other aspect of the operation, please get in touch today.

About the Port of Dampier (Seaport Code: AUDAM)

The Port of Dampier, located around 1550km north of the state capital Perth, is one of the largest bulk export ports in Australia– despite only being established in 1963. The port’s main activities are export-based, focusing on dry bulk and energy commodities. Its network extends 200km seaward to the North West Shelf’s oil and gas fields, and 350km inland to the iron ore mines of Pilbara.

Exports: Sea Freight from Dampier Port

The main commodities imported and exported through Dampier Port are iron ore, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquified natural gas (LNG), salt, diesel and ammonia. The port handles bulk cargo and general cargo. You can find out more about the Port of Dampier from the Pilbara Ports Authority, which also runs the Port of Ashburton and the Port of Port Hedland.

General Cargo at Dampier Port

General cargo ships are used to transport a wide range of types of dry non-bulk cargo, from agricultural machinery to railway lines. They are versatile and can carry shipping containers, bulk or bagged cargo. If you’re importing general cargo into Australia, you’ll need a Port of Dampier customs broker to organise all the paperwork required during customs clearance – TSL can organise this for you.

Dampier: A Bulk Port

Dampier is one of the biggest bulk export ports in the country, exporting over six million tonnes of LPG and over 22 million tonnes of LNG annually. Bulk cargo is homogenous unpacked cargo such as coal, iron ore and grain. The main bulk consignments processed at Dampier are in the form of dry bulk. Commodities exported in a liquid form, such as oil and other petroleum-based products, are described as wet bulk or liquid bulk. At the Port of Dampier, this type of cargo is handled at the Bulk Liquids Berth.

TSL: Trustworthy Port of Dampier Shipping Agents

TSL is a Port of Dampier shipping agent with excellent links with top industry suppliers of services in sea freight from Dampier Port to international destinations. We can also handle services in sea freight to Dampier Port originating from overseas. Whether you need a customs broker or local transporter for your imports or exports, we’re 100% confident we can deliver your cargo on time, every time. We are a Port of Dampier freight forwarder providing a comprehensive service covering all areas of sea freight to Dampier Port.