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Need to organise exports or imports in Western Australia? If this is you, it’s possible your shipments will enter or leave Australia through Bunbury. This port is extremely well placed strategically, with excellent rail and road links to the rest of the state and beyond. It is a bulk commodity port, with bulk cargo its main activity.

TSL is a Port of Bunbury freight forwarder with the professionalism and know how to be able to arrange speedy, great-value shipping through Bunbury Port. Whether you need a Port of Bunbury customs broker or wish to organise inland travel within Australia or overseas, you can count on us for a 100% reliable service.

About Bunbury Port (Seaport Code: AUBUY)

The town of Bunbury is located around 180km from Western Australia’s capital, Perth. It’s the second biggest city in the state. Bunbury Port, which dates back to 1864, plays a hugely important role in the distribution of south-west Australian products worldwide. Logistics are made easy by excellent rail and road links within Australia. The annual trade figure for the Port of Bunbury is over 16 million tonnes, with a variety of consignments dealt with, including bulk cargo. You can find out more about the Port of Bunbury on the port authority’s website.

Export Sea Freight from Bunbury Port

The main commodity handled at Bunbury for export abroad is alumina. Other exports are aluminium hydroxide, mineral sands, silica sands, silicon dross, woodchips and bunkers.

Import Sea Freight to Bunbury Port

Cargo types imported into Western Australia through the Port of Bunbury include caustic soda, methanol, petroleum coke and vegetable oils. Please click here to find more statistics about import and export cargo to and from the Port of Bunbury.

BulkSea Freight from Bunbury Port

Bunbury is a bulk cargo port. The term ‘bulk’ means cargo is sent and received unpackaged in large quantities, rather than being shipped enclosed in containers or packages. This type of cargo is transported in either liquid or granular form, or as a mass of relatively small solids, such as petroleum or crude oil, coal, grain or gravel. Bulk cargo is usually dropped (solids) or poured (liquids) into a merchant ship or tanker truck.

TSL: Knowledgeable Port of Bunbury Shipping Agents

TSL is a Port of Bunbury freight forwarder based in Melbourne but with agents all over Australia and the rest of the world. If you need a reliable Port of Bunbury shipping agent, look to TSL for all your freight forwarding needs. We have excellent links with top industry suppliers of services in sea freight from Bunbury Port. Whether you need a local transporter for your imports or exports or a Port of Bunbury customs broker, TSL can help you get your consignment delivered on time, every time. Our end-to-end logistics service covers all aspects of sea freight to Bunbury Port.