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Port of Broome

Are you operating a business in the Kimberley area of Western Australia and need to organise imports and exports? Look to TSL Australia for all your freight forwarding requirements. We are a Port of Broome shipping agent with contacts in all the right places. We can easily organise Port of Broome customs brokers, local transporters – and much more – on your behalf.

About the Port of Broome (Seaport Code: AUBME)

The town of Broome is located on the north-west coast of Western Australia, in the Kimberley region. Its port has played a huge role in the development of the area over the last century. It’s a deep-water port and therefore accommodates large vessels. Exportsincludelivestock, oil and gas. The port also receives containers and fuel imports, and welcomes cruise ships. It has also been a warehousing port since 1889. The wharf at the Port of Broome was built in 1967 and was given a $24 million refurbishment in 2015 to improve its structure. The port operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week which makes the job of Port of Broome shipping agents much more straightforward.

If you want to know more about the Port of Broome, please visit the Kimberly Ports Authority website.

Port of Broome Imports and Exports

Broome Port welcomes well over a thousand vessels per year and exports more than 140,000 tonnes of goods annually, including around 90,000 cattle. Annual imports amount to around 160,000 tonnes. A number of large oil and gas companies work with the Port of Broome, including Inpex and Shell Australia. If you’re hoping to organise imports or exports through this port, you’ll need a dependable Port of Broome freight forwarder to ensure the operation runs smoothly.

Container Sea Freight from Broome Port

Shipping containers can be used to transport most items – as long as it fits inside. This type of container is useful for families or individuals who are emigrating or immigrating, and for businesses who need to import or export stock to/from Australia. If you wish to export goods from Australia in Kimberley, your Port of Broome freight forwarder will organise shipping container hire on your behalf.

How big is a shipping container? The standard size is 8ft X 8.5ft X 20ft/40ft. Extra tall shipping containers are 9.5ft high.
What are shipping containers made of? Usually steel.

Port of Broome Customs Broker

Customs brokerage (also called customs clearance) is clearing goods through customs barriers at the port of arrival. As an experienced Port of Broom customs broker, TSL is fully aware that customs brokerage can be a delicate operation that requires a precise and reliable service.

Customs clearance is often time-sensitive – and at times, urgent. It is crucial for your business that this task is carried out with the utmost accuracy and care. For this reason, TSL has developed highly effective systems in order to make our customs brokerage extremely dependable. When we organise your sea freight to Broome Port, we’ll always stick to these high standards so your goods are cleared for onward travel as quickly as possible, and with zero complications.

TSL: Expert Port of Broome Shipping Agents

TSL Australia is a Port of Broome shipping agent with excellent links with top industry suppliers of services in sea freight from Broome Port. If you need to arrange customs brokerage or a local transporter for your shipment, please get in touch. We’re fully confident we can safely deliver your precious cargo on time, every time. Our reliable and comprehensive logistics service covers all aspects of sea freight to Broome Port.