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Need to ship goods to or from Port Lincoln? If you’re operating a business in South Australia and need to organise imports or exports through South Australia, look to TSL for all your freight forwarding needs. We are a Port Lincoln freight forwarder with extremely well-established links in the worldwide logistics industry. Whether you’re after a Port Lincoln customs broker or looking to arrange inland travel towards the state capital Adelaide or into neighbouring Victoria, we can help you out.

About Port Lincoln (Seaport Code: AUPLO)

Port Lincoln is 682km away from Adelaide in South Australia by road (280km by air). It’s a natural harbour on the Eyre Peninsula’s south-east coast. As a deep-water harbour, it can load huge vessels with bulk commodities such as wheat and barley. Because it’s a tidal port, its water level rises and falls depending on the tides. The main commodities processed at Port Lincoln are grains and seeds, petroleum products and fertilisers. Live sheep and frozen fish are also exported. You can find out more about Port Lincoln on the Flinders Ports page.

Imports: Sea Freight to Port Lincoln

The main commodities imported into Australia through Port Lincoln are bulk petroleum, gas and fertilisers. Need to organise imports into South Australia? TSL is a professional Port Lincoln shipping agent specialising in sea freight to and from Australia. We can arrange all aspects of your shipment for you, with a comprehensive service including packing, distribution and warehousing.

Exports: Sea Freight to Port Lincoln

The main commodities exported from Port Lincoln are bulk grain including wheat and barley, which is destined for a number of countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Since Port Lincoln is a deep-water port, it can accommodate huge vessels which house tens of thousands of tonnes of produce. This a highly efficient way of transporting this commodity. The rail links in this part of Australia are important for transporting grain from sites further up the country to Port Lincoln for export. If your business is in need of a Port Lincoln freight forwarder to organise exports overseas, please get in touch with TSL today.

BulkSea Freight from Port Lincoln

With bulk cargo, goods are shipped loosely in large quantities rather than being transported in packages or containers. Material is granular or liquid form, or as a mass of small solids. Examples of bulk cargo are petroleum, crude oil, coal, grain and gravel. As a rule, bulk cargo is being dropped into a tanker, or for liquid (wet) bulk, poured into the vessel. It is essential that bulk ports like Port Lincoln have good infrastructure and highly effective organisational structures in order to be able to accommodate these demands.

TSL: Expert Port Lincoln Shipping Agents

TSL is a Port Lincoln shipping agent able to ship your consignment to or from Port Lincoln with an impressive degree of expertise. We have long-standing links with the best suppliers of services in sea freight from Port Lincoln. If you’re looking for a Port Lincoln customs broker or transporter for your exports or imports, please get in touch with TSL today. Thanks to our exceptional logistics service, which takes in all aspects of sea freight to Port Lincoln, we’ll deliver your cargo at the right time, each and every time.