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If you’re a business operating in South Australia and need to import or export goods, Port Adelaide is your likely gateway to the rest of the world. To ensure the operation runs as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to work with a reliable Port Adelaide shipping agent who really knows its stuff. TSL is a Port Adelaide freight forwarder with the best possible connections in the industry. We’re here to organise your Port Adelaide exports and imports on your behalf, whether you need a Port Adelaide customs broker or a local transporter for your consignment.

About Port Adelaide (Seaport Code: AUADL)

Port Adelaide (port code: AUADL) is located 14 kilometres north-west of the city of Adelaide in South Australia. It’s a tidal port, with water levels that change with the tides, and consists of an Inner Harbour and an Outer Harbour. The port handles a range of shipment types including breakbulk and container cargo. You can find out more about Port Adelaide from the port operator, Flinders Ports.

Exports and Imports Through Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide is South Australia’s main sea gateway, and deals with exports and imports of a wide range of cargo. Commodities handled through this port include grains and seeds, petroleum products, limestone, motor vehicles, cement and cement clinker, metals and scrap metal, agricultural commodities, fertilisers, breakbulk and general cargo, iron ore, iron and steel, mineral concentrates, mineral sands and shipping containers. TSL is a Port Adelaide freight forwarder able to arrange exports and imports through this or any other port in Australia for you.

Container Cargo Sea Freight to Port Adelaide

Shipping containers are metal boxes with the dimensions 8ft X 8.5ft X 20ft/40ft (containers 9.5ft tall are also available). They can be used to transport just about anything – as long as it fits inside. They’re useful for individuals, companies or families moving countries, and for businesses who need to import or export stock. Adelaide Port container terminal links South Australia to international markets, and is the ideal gateway for your goods destined for overseas outlets, or entering Australia from foreign shores. It is modern and well-equipped with loading and unloading equipment, including cranes, straddle carriers, forklifts and reach stackers.

Breakbulk Sea Freight to Port Adelaide

Breakbulk cargo is the bulky, tall items – the huge pieces of machinery, the vehicles and the motor homes. This type of cargo that’s loaded individually onto a vessel for exporting or importing, rather than being inserted into a shipping container for transportation. Items such as vehicles may be driven or towed onto RoRo (roll-on roll-off) carriers, while other articles can be placed in boxes, crates, or barrels and lifted on.

TSL: Professional Port Adelaide Shipping Agents

TSL is a Port Adelaide shipping agent with strong relationships with the best industry providers of services in sea freight from Port Adelaide. If you are looking for a PortAdelaide customs broker or local transporter to organise sea freight from Port Adelaide, try our service. We can guarantee we’ll be able to deliver your cargo to its final destination on time, every single time – and we know how important this guarantee is for your business.