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Need to organise freight forwarding to USA? Want the job done by a team of highly competent individuals? Talk to TSL Australia today. We’re not just any freight forwarders – we’re skilled professionals drawing upon a wealth of knowledge gained over a number of decades. We work hard to be the very best exporter from Australia to USA with our comprehensive and thoughtful logistics service.

Export To USA With TSL
So what makes TSL the best exporter from Australia to USA? Our product is a result of many years’ direct operational contribution to freight forwarding throughout Australia, North and South America, New Zealand, China, South-east and Southern Asia and Europe.

We offer:

  • Fast export to USA
  • 100% safe & compliant procedures
  • Fully cost-effective & time-sensitive service
  • Viable rates
  • Simplified billing
  • Online tracking

Peripheral services:

Sea Freight Forwarding: USA And Beyond

There are roughly 360 commercial ports in the United States, located both on the coasts and in river cities such as New Orleans and Detroit. If your cargo is destined for the USA’s West coast, it may arrive into the world-famous Port of Los Angeles in California. This is the biggest seaport in the USA and the Western Hemisphere, moving a colossal 9.5 million TEUs per year (2018). The East coast’s most significant port is Port of New York & New Jersey. On arrival on USA’s shores, goods will be forwarded by road or rail to their end destination using TSL’s fantastic logistics infrastructure networks.

TSL’s Ocean Freight Services To USA

Ocean transit from Australia to USA usually takes between 26 and 36 days, depending on where you are sending it – not bad with at least 11,500km of sea to cover (and probably a lot more considering the size of the two countries). For example, to send a load from Sydney, Australia to Boston, in the north-eastern state of Massachusetts, the distance is more like 18,000km.

Even if they’re destined for the East coast, most container ships arriving into the USA from Australia will sail up to California’s Long Beach Port on the West coast and make a stop there before continuing through the Panama Canal towards the East coast. This can increase the total journey time to around 36 days.

At TSL, we’re proud of our fantastic relationships with shipping lines all over the world. As part of our service in sea freight forwarding to USA, we’ll trim down prices to secure you fantastic deals on ocean transportation.

TSL’s Air Freight Services To USA

It may more sense to carry out your exports to USA by air rather than by sea. This could be because of time restrictions and sailing schedules, or due to difficulties or delays associated with clearing items through certain US seaports. In some cases, your overseas buyer will require air freight is used. Sending freight by air is naturally much quicker than ocean freight services to USA, with transit times a maximum of six days – and sometimes as fast as one day, depending on the availability of direct flights.

Goods Export Australia to USA: Inland Travel
When calculating estimated journey times for your cargo, remember you’ll need to add inland travel into the equation. This is the time it takes to transport your consignment from its starting point within Australia to the sea or airport of departure, as well as the time needed for transportation in North America. For example, if your goods are being shipped by sea from a location in western Queensland to a landlocked state such as Wisconsin or Tennessee, you’ll need to add a few extra days on either end.

Inland travel may be carried out by road or rail network – or using a combination of both. As part of our inclusive service in goods export from Australia to USA, TSL will weigh up the advantages of each method to find the most logical and cost-effective formula for your needs. Your cargo will be forwarded to its end destination in our expert heavy haulage vehicles and handled using top-performing specialized equipment such as cranes and industry-approved trailers.