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International Shipping From Australia | Breakbulk Sea Freight Services


AAL Shipping is a Dutch company specialising in the transportation of breakbulk, bulk and heavy-lift consignments and project cargo. It provides a professional shipping service all over the globe, with a network that extends from Oceania and North Asia to Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. If you need to organise agricultural or heavy machinery shipping, AAL may well be the breakbulk freight forwarder for you. TSL is a leading Australian shipping agent able to help you organise international shipping from Australia with AAL.

What Is Breakbulk Sea Freight?

Breakbulk refers to any cargo that is loaded individually onto a vessel rather than being transferred onto a ship in a shipping container. It might be driven or towed onto RoRo (roll-on roll-off) carriers, or it could be placed in boxes, bags, crates, drums or barrels and then lifted on.

What Is A Breakbulk Sea Shipment?

Breakbulk sea freight is the heavyweight stuff. It’s the bulky, tall items – the huge pieces of machinery, the vehicles and the motor homes. Some examples of this type of consignment are:
a) motorised vehicles such as cars, lorries and tractors,
b) cargo that can be loaded using trailers such as yachts, caravans and rolling heavy plant equipment,
c) agriculture machinery such as fertiliser spreaders and verge cutters,
d) heavy machinery and tools,
e) power generation items such as generators and turbines,
f) mining equipment like conveyor belts, drilling rigs and mine roof supports and
g) steel and other metal products.

About AAL

AAL was founded in the Netherlands in 1995. Since 2009, its headquarters has been in Singapore. It serves customers in industries such as energy, oil, gas, construction, mining, forestry, agriculture and leisure, providing services in international shipping from Australia and other countries worldwide.

AAL Vessels

As you’d expect from a professional breakbulk freight forwarder, AAL has a large fleet of multipurpose heavy lift vessels. It uses its 14 own ships as well as further vessels that it charters. Its owned vessels are A-Class (32,000 dwt) and S-Class (19,000 dwt) with a combined lifting capacity of 700 tons.

AAL Equipment

AAL uses specialised lifting equipment and highly trained staff to ensure goods are loaded and discharged safely and efficiently. Cargo superintendents are appointed at every port to supervise all stages of the process. Equipment used by this breakbulk freight forwarder includes side-mounted heavy lift cranes, large and flat deck spaces, height-adjustable and removable ‘tween decks, strengthened tank tops and lashing equipment.

International Shipping from Australia with AAL

Australia is served by two of AAL’s service loops, linking it directly to Asia, the Europe and the Middle East. If you’re interested in utilising any of AAL’s routes for your breakbulk sea freight shipping operation, please get in touch with TSL. We provide a comprehensive freight forwarding brokerage service and are dedicated to getting your consignment to its destination quickly and efficiently.