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International Shipping Container Shipping Services in Australia

Swire Shipping

Swire Shipping has provided its niche, regional and multipurpose shipping services since 1883. The company’s headquarters are in Singapore and it has offices in Australia, Hong Kong, India, the UK and New Zealand. Its trading network connects over 130 ports in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Pacific Islands, Europe, the Indian subcontinent, North America and the Middle East. If you’d like to organise shipping container transport with Swire, TSL can arrange international shipping from Australia at an excellent price.

Swire Shipping Vessels

Like the majority of transportation providers TSL works with, Swire Shipping has a wide fleet of container, general cargo, dry bulk and multipurpose ships available. It has four container-only vessels which can carry between 1,740 and 2,345 shipping containers, as well as owned tonnage on a fifth container vessel. Its large fleet of multipurpose vessels can also carry containers.

Shipping Container Transport With Swire

Swire Shipping offers a comprehensive range of containerised cargo offerings, using either its own or rented containers. Containers available include the standard 20ft and 40ft containers. Depending on the size and dimensions of your cargo, it can also be accommodated in flat-rack, high-cube and open-top containers. Tanktainers, which transport liquids and powders in bulk, are also used. Swire’s equipment allows it to complete a wide range of equipment, vehicle and heavy machinery shipping throughout the world.

Heavy Machinery Shipping in Containers

Need to organise shipping container transport for items such as mining equipment or farming vehicles? Heavy machinery shipping requires specialised freight forwarding due to the fact the cargo is often bulky – and sometimes extremely expensive too. Some machinery is best sent as breakbulk or RoRo cargo, but it can be more cost-efficient to transport it in shipping containers. Some items may be disassembled in order to fit, or flat-rack, high-cube and open-top containers may also be used to accommodate them. TSL will choose the best method according to your individual requirements, budget and timeframe.

International Shipping From Australia With Swire

The company’s Australian office is in Sydney. Services operate from Australia to New Zealand, Asia, North Asia, South East Asia, Papua New Guinea & the Solomon Islands, the Pacific Islands and Kiribati & Marshall Islands. You can find out more about Swire Shipping’s schedules here.

TSL and Swire

TSL is a Melbourne-based shipping agent able to organise international shipping from Australia on your behalf. We work with Swire as well as other leading shipping companies to provide a comprehensive service that takes in customs brokerage, warehousing and inland travel. As one of the best-connected shipping agents operating in Australia today, we can organize international freight forwarding services quickly and easily – no matter how large your consignment is and whatever part of the world your final destination is in. If you’d like us to organize shipping with Swire on your behalf, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.