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COSCO SHIPPING Lines Co. Ltd is a container shipping company based in Shanghai, China. It runs 362 routes within China and internationally, covering 289 ports in 90 countries worldwide. It is the biggest of all the shipping companies in Asia, and the fourth largest in the world. To arrange international shipping from Australia with COSCO, get in touch with TSL today. We’ll take care of all the small print – and do our utmost to land you a great-value deal.

COSCO Vessels and Equipment

The firm has 373 container vessels with a total capacity of 1.9 million TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units). Capacity of the ships ranges from around 800 TEUs to over 10,000 TEUs.

COSCO offers standard 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers, with both available in high cube formats. As with many global shipping companies, open-top and flat-rack containers designed for sizeable goods and heavy machinery shipping are also available.

Heavy Machinery Shipping in Containers

If you need to organise shipping container transport for items such as mining equipment or farming vehicles, it may make sense to send this as container freight. Heavy machinery shipping requires a specialised freight forwarding provision due to the fact the cargo is usually bulkier and heavier than regular cargo. Often it is also expensive, so extra care needs to be taken to ensure it doesn’t get damaged in transit.

While some machinery is best sent as breakbulk or RoRo cargo, it can be more cost-efficient to transport certain loads in shipping containers. Some heavy machinery may need to be disassembled in order to fit the container. TSL will work with COSCO to choose the best method according to your individual requirements, timeframe and budget.

International Shipping From Australia With COSCO

COSCO has offices in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. Its service loops run between these four ports plus Fremantle, linking Australia to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Zealand. Other destinations worldwide can be reached by changing ships in Asia.


TSL is a Melbourne-based shipping agent able to organise international shipping from Australia for your company. We work with COSCO as well as the other leading global shipping companies to provide a comprehensive service that includes customs brokerage, warehousing and inland travel. As one of the best-connected logistics agents operating in Australia today, we are well placed to be able to organise second-to-none international freight forwarding services with zero fuss and for highly competitive prices. If you’d like TSL to organise shipping with COSCO on your behalf, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our website, or by email or telephone.