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TSL Australia has one mission: to get your cargo from A to B as easily and as quickly as possible. We’ve spent years honing our services and perfecting our processes in order to be able to bring you the highest possible level of service. We can organise imports by air from Australia to Indonesia, as well as ocean imports and all peripheral services. This includes inland travel, customs clearance, packing, distribution and warehousing. We aim to be the best importer from Australia to Indonesia and hope you will love using TSL.

Indonesia Imports Of Goods

So why import goods into this southeast Asian country from Australia? First of all, Indonesia has a huge population of around 260 million, of which about 45 million are in its consuming classes. Indonesia’s annual growth rate is around 5% and its population is growing rapidly, with more and more urban dwellers requiring imported goods and services. Your Australian business could really benefit from this thirst for overseas produce with Indonesia imports of goods.

Capital city: Jakarta
Composition: More than 17,500 islands
Top trading partners: China, the US and Japan
Key imports: Refined petroleum, crude petroleum, phones, vehicle parts and wheat Key imports from Australia: Wheat, crude petroleum, live animals, sugar, molasses and honey
Yearly goods trade with Australia: A$11.1 billion (2016-17 figure)
Free Trade Agreement? Yes, part of the AANZFTA, the free trade agreement between Australia/New Zealand and the ASEAN countries

If you’re interested in exporting to Indonesia, you can get more information about the country’s market profile from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade).

Import By Air Australia To Indonesia

Sending your consignment to Indonesia in a plane is the quickest way of getting it there. Air freight is the ideal option if your cargo is not too heavy or large. If you import by air from Australia to Indonesia, transit time is usually between one and seven days.

Import By Sea From Australia To Indonesia

Sending goods via the ocean takes a little longer than if you import by air Australia to Indonesia. Transportation times are typically between 16 and 22 days. Sending goods by sea is cheaper than air freight, and ideal if your consignment is heavy or bulky.

TSL’s Comprehensive Service

Want to know more about TSL Australia can help? Please get in touch today. Our service covers all areas of freight forwarding, including first-time customer care, third-party logistics (3PL) and DDU & DDP delivery. By putting your faith in us, you’ll benefit from years of expertise and experience in freight forwarding. We work with only the best service providers and aim to become the country’s best importer from Australia to Indonesia.