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Have you thought about exporting produce from Australia to Qatar? There are plenty of good reasons why sending Australian goods to Qatar may turn out to be a lucrative business venture. This Middle Eastern country has the richest residents in the world per capita; an economic security that’s down to the country’s oil and gas reserves. What’s more, Qatar has high ambitions: since winning the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament, it has embarked on a mission to build the most modern and advanced infrastructure in the Arab world. This desire for great things has created new opportunities for Australian businesses.

You can find out more about Qatar’s potential as an export market from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade).

TSL: Becoming The Best Importer From Australia To Qatar

TSL is a logistics company based in Melbourne. We provide freight forwarding services to companies all over Australia, Asia, the Middle East and beyond. TSL has been working hard for several years to become the best importer from Australia to Qatar possible. Our experience is a product of many years’ direct operational involvement in freight forwarding throughout Australia, China and the Gulf. We offer all peripheral services associated with freight forwarding. We can provide services including packing, distribution, customs clearance and warehousing at highly competitive prices.

Qatar Fact FilePopulation: 2.6 million
Capital: Doha
Location: Eastern Arabia, land bordered with Saudi Arabia
Major ports: Hamad, Ras Laffan, Doha, Mesaieed
Major Qatari imports of goods from Australia: Aluminium ores, meat, live animals
Annual Qatari goods imports from Australia: $AU 170 million

TSL’s Tips For Doing Business In Qatar

If you’re interested in arranging Qatar imports of goods into Australia, it is worth bearing in mind the following:
1. Qatar is an Islamic country which follows Sharia Law.
2. While English is used for business purposes in Qatar, many documents need to be in Arabic by law – for examples invoices and product labels.
3. It takes time to build up trust and relationships in Qatar. Winning business may be a longer process than what many Australians are used to, so don’t rush things. The key is patience. Many visits the country and multiple meetings may be needed before deals are reached and papers are signed.
4. Qatar is more conservative than Australia, so men should always wear a shirt, suit and tie during business meetings. Women should dress modestly in long-sleeved tops and skirts below the knee (although headscarves are not necessary).
5. Men should shake hands with other men, but are not advised to touch women unless they’ve given a clear sign that this is OK.
6. Things to avoid in Qatar are a) using your left hand to pass objects, eat or drink (this is considered unclean) and b) sitting with the soles of your feet facing the people you are with (this is considered offensive).
7. The working week in Qatar is Sunday to Thursday.

Import To Qatar By Sea

Ocean transportation is the best bet for conducting Qatar imports of goods if you are not limited for time, if your consignment is heavy or bulky and if you are wanting to keep freight forwarding costs low. Shipping from Australia to Qatar takes around 35-45 days, depending on a number of factors such as the type of shipping container you hire, and weather conditions.

TSL’s Comprehensive Service

TSL is working hard to become the best importer from Australia to Qatar, and we look forward to helping you get your cargo from A to B without hassle – and for a really great price. As well as the sea transportation itself, we can provide any (or all) of the following services:
• Packing: need to prepare your produce for shipping? TSL can arrange for it to be packed up you, making your life easier and saving you labour costs.
• Storage: TSL has fantastic working relationships with warehouse providers throughout Australia and the world and is able to offer competitive prices for short and long-term storage solutions.
• Distribution: we can arrange 24/7 distribution services (including drivers as well as vehicles) once your goods have arrived at their destination.