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Have you thought about exporting produce from Australia to China? There are plenty of good reasons why selling Australian in China may be a lucrative business venture. This country has seen rapid economic growth in recent years, with millions being lifted out of poverty. It has a huge population of around 1.4 billion and a growing middle class. China’s rapid economic growth has led to an increased demand for imported products, creating new opportunities for Australian businesses to sell to high-salaried consumers with generous disposable incomes who are hungry for foreign goods.

China: Imports Of Goods From Australia

China is Australia’s number one export country, with goods worth a huge AU$118 billion exported there in 2018. The largest exports are in iron ores, coal and natural gas, and China also imports huge amounts of precious stones, wool, livestock, cereals and wood. There’s also huge potential for exporting products from other industries. These include: food, alcoholic beverages including wine and craft beer, and complementary medicines including supplements – this has been contributed to further due to China’s ageing population. Factors such as a growing urban density, easy-to-use and reliable e-commerce platforms, and low-price local delivery services have further increased access to Australian goods among the Chinese market.
You can find out more about China’s potential for trade with Australia from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade).

TSL: Becoming The Best Importer Assistant From Australia To China

TSL is a logistics company based in Melbourne. We offer freight forwarding services to companies all over Australia, Asia and beyond. Our professionals have worked hard over several years to become the best importer assistant from Australia to China possible. We have built long-standing relationships with the best logistics providers operating throughout Australia, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas. We offer the full package, providing a range of peripheral services including packing, distribution, customs clearance and warehousing at highly competitive prices.

China fact file
Capital: Beijing
Population: 1.4 billion
Location: East Asia, bordered with 14 sovereign states including Afghanistan, India, North Korea and Russia
Major ports: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo-Zhoushan, Guangzhou
Major Australian imports: Iron ores & concentrates, coal and natural gas
Total annual Chinese imports of goods from Australia: $118 billion
Free Trade Agreement with Australia?: Yes, the ChAFTA.

China Imports Of Goods: Tariffs And Charges

Exporting to China has been made a lot easier in recent years thanks to the ChAFTA (the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement) which came into force in 2015. This pact has led to increasingly preferential rates for Australian companies wanting to import goods into China.
To discover what to expect in terms of import customs from China to Australia, you can use the Australian Government’s Free Trade Agreement Portal. This handy tool invites you to enter your item into a search engine, along with the planned country of import and export. You’ll then be shown a list, enabling you to select a category for your item. You will then discover your item’s HS code, and the import tariff you will pay when your goods arrive into China.
You can find out the latest about Australia’s current free trade agreements from the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Import To China By Sea

Ocean transportation is your best bet for conducting China imports of goods if you are not limited for time, if your consignment is heavy or bulky and if you wish to keep freight forwarding costs low. Shipping from Australia to China takes between 12 and 30 days, depending on factors such as your start and end destination, the type of shipping container you hire, and weather conditions during the vessel’s journey. Below are the transit times you can expect to import to China by sea from Australia.
North China: 20-35 days
South China: 20-30 days
East China: 18-25 days

TSL’s Comprehensive Service

TSL is working hard to become the best importer assistant from Australia to China, and we look forward to helping you get your cargo from A to B without hassle and for a really great price. As well as the sea transportation itself, we can provide any (or all) of the following services:
1. Packing: need to prepare your produce for shipping? TSL can arrange for it to be packed up you, making your life easier and saving you labour costs.
2. Storage: TSL has fantastic working relationships with warehouse providers throughout Australia and the world, and can offer competitive prices for short and long-term storage solutions.
3. Distribution: we can arrange 24/7 distribution services (including drivers as well as vehicles) once your goods have arrived at their destination.