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Importing from Germany to Australia is big business, with incoming trade from Germany worth a huge AU$ 15 billion in 2018. Are you interested in having a slice of the cake? Keep reading. If you want to import products from Germany, allow TSL to guide you through the process. We can organise great-value shipping from Germany to Australia, helping with all parts of the logistics chain from warehousing to heavy haulage and from packing to customs brokerage.

Import Customs From Germany

All goods entering Australia from overseas are liable for certain taxes and duties, such as Goods and Services Tax (GST). Certain refunds and concession schemes may apply for some manufacturers or types of goods. TSL can advise you on how much import customs from Germany you can expect to pay.

Prohibitions On German Exports

The import of certain products is controlled by the government. These items are either completely prohibited or restricted. Restricted items will need you to have written permission in order to be able to import them, and those in breach of this can be fined up to AU $525,000 and/or imprisoned for ten years. Examples of restricted items are antibiotics, cigarette lighters, pornography, pesticides, and certain cosmetics. For more information, please click here.

Need further guidance about import customs from Germany to Australia? You can read more about the cost of importing goods from overseas on the Australian Border Force website.

Australia-European Union Free Trade Agreement

Negotiations for Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Australia and the EU were launched in June 2018. At the time of writing, these discussions were still underway. It is estimated that such a deal could increase trade between Australia and Europe by a third – so it’s worth keeping an eye on if you’re a potential importer of German products. For the latest information on the deal, please check with the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Can TSL Help With…
…Inland transport?Yes!
…First-time customer care?Yes!
…Customs brokerage?Yes!
…Freight forwarding?Yes!
…Third-party logistics?Yes!
…Certificate of Origin (COO)Yes!
…Declaration of Origin (DOO)Yes!

Freight Shipping From Germany To Australia

When you import products from Germany into Australia, you’ll need to decide between air freight and sea freight transportation. TSL is here to help out – we’ll advise you on which method makes most sense. There are several factors which may affect how you decide to get your consignment the 13,500 or so kilometres between Europe and Australia.

  1. Your budget – air freight is generally more costly to arrange than sea freight
  2. Your timeframe – ocean travel takes at least five times longer than air
  3. Your buyer’s preference – your European contact may prefer one transportation method over the other
  4. Type of goods – bulky, heavy and oversize items are better suited to ocean shipping from Germany to Australia because ships are bigger than planes and more versatile in terms of capacity

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