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If you plan to import goods from India, ­you’ll need to find a logistics firm you can trust 100%. TSL Australia offers a comprehensive freight forwarding service covering Australasia, Europe, the Americas and Asia. You’ll be in great hands with us – we draw upon decades of experience working with clients from a variety of sectors, all over the globe. No matter what items you’re bringing to Australia – and whatever the size and weight of your consignment – we’ll set up every link in the chain from pick-up right through to delivery. You can count on us to help you import goods from India with ease and expertise.

India Fact File (2018-19 figures)
: 1.3 billion
Capital: New Delhi
Currency: Indian rupee
Location: South Asia
Bordering countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh
Distance from Australia: 5,500km between the two country’s closest shores (some routes are double this)
Major Indian ports: Mumbai, Kandla, Visakhapatnam, Chennai and Kolkata
India’s major global exports: Refined petroleum, diamonds, machinery and medicines
India’s top 3 export destinations: United States, United Arab Emirates and China (Australia is 27th)
Top 3 Indian exports to Australia: Refined petroleum, railway vehicles and medicines (including veterinary)
Annual Indian goods exports to Australia: AU$ 4.9 billion
Free Trade Agreement with Australia?
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Air Freight Services From India

Sending items from Asia to Australia by freight plane is by far the quickest transportation method. It may take as little as 24 hours to fly your goods from Asian to Australian soil, although the total time taken depends on the availability of direct flights. You could be looking at up to six days’ transit time for air freight services from India to Australia. Shipment by air is generally more costly to organise than ocean freight services from India.

Ocean Freight Services From India
Sea travel is usually cheaper than organising air freight services from India, but of course does take longer – usually in the region of 24-32 days depending on whether your consignment is coming from India’s eastern or western coast. After all, the distances involved are huge, with at least 5,500km of sea between the two continents. TSL has built up great relationships with the top shipping companies operating worldwide, so can easily arrange ocean freight services from India for a fantastic price.

Heavy Haulage For Inland Travel
When calculating estimated journey times for your consignment, you’ll need to take into account inland travel. For example, if your goods are being shipped by sea from a central Indian city such as Hyderabad or Bangalore and need to be delivered to a location in western Queensland, you’ll need to add extra days on either end for land transportation.

Inland travel may be carried out via the railway or road network, depending on various factors – which TSL Australia will discuss with you. Whether you’re importing to India by sea or by plane, your cargo will be forwarded to its end destination aboard our expert heavy haulage vehicles and handled using high-quality specialised equipment such as cranes and industry-approved trailers.

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