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If you’re an Australian or Indonesian business looking to import from Indonesia to Australia, allow TSL to step in and help. We provide a fully comprehensive freight forwarding service, covering all aspects of international freight. We are based in Melbourne, Australia, with our services stretching all over the globe.

Indonesian Goods Trade With Australia

Indonesia’s top trading partner for merchandise exports is China, which receives around 11.6% of Indonesian exports. The US is second, receiving around 11.2% of Indonesian exports. Japan is third, and receives about 11.1% of Indonesian exports. Australia is 12th – we receive approximately 2.2% of Indonesian exports (A$4.5 billion). Total two-way goods trade between Australia and Indonesia was estimated at A$11.1 billion in 2016-17. You can find out more about Indonesia’s trade relationship with Australia in this report from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Free Trade Agreement

If you import from Indonesia to Australia, your goods are likely to benefit from the AANZFTA, the free trade agreement between Australia/NZ and the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries. This agreement has eliminated many import tariffs for goods entering Australia from Indonesia.

To discover how much you will pay when exporting a certain product from Indonesia into Australia, you can use the Australian Government’s Free Trade Agreement Portal. This tool allows you to enter your item into a search engine, then gives you the tariff you will pay on arrival into Australia.

Freight Forwarding By Ocean Or Air

If you’re looking to import from Indonesia to Australia, you’ll need to decide whether sending the items via sea or via the ocean is the best option for your business. There are around 3,500km between Indonesia and Australia at the nearest point, but of course this could easily be much longer depending on your airports or seaports of arrival and departure – especially considering Australia is around 3,200km from north to south. Air freight services from Indonesia to Australia are much quicker than ocean freight services from Indonesia, but there are advantages associated with both transport method.

Air Freight Services From Indonesia

Air freight services from Indonesia to Australia take around 1-7 days with TSL Australia and are the more expensive option. Air transportation is ideal if you are not limited in terms of budget. It is best used for cargo that is relatively light and does not take up too much space.

Ocean Freight Services From Indonesia

Ocean freight services from Indonesia to Australia take longer than air freight, usually around 16-22 days, and are more suited to consignments that are bulky, heavy or oversized.

Freight Forwarding To Indonesia with TSL

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