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Welcome to TSL Australia’s guide on how to import goods from Indonesia into Australia. We can organize low-cost sea freight from Indonesia as well as great-value air freight services between these two countries. We’re here to help you through every step of the process, from pick-up right through to delivery and everything in between.

Quick Guide: How To Import From Indonesia to Australia

If you want to import goods from Indonesia into Australia, you may want to follow these four steps:

1. Gather information: Research the products you are hoping to import and find out whether there is a market for them in Australia
2. Find suppliers: Explore Indonesian manufacturers of the goods you wish to bring into Australia, then make offers and pinpoint the right deal
3. Market your goods: Find outlets within Australia for the products or items you are looking to sell on
4. Decide which shipping method to use: TSL is here to organize low-cost sea freight from Indonesia as well as competitive air freight services. We can help you decide which of these modes of transport is best for your goods and for your company.
5. Organize shipping: TSL’s fantastic freight forwarding service is designed to achieve the best possible results for sending goods to and from Australia. We will supply all services in the chain from pick-up to delivery, as well as peripheral services such as packing, storage, and distribution, all at highly competitive prices.

Low-Cost Sea Freight From Indonesia

Importing goods from Indonesia by sea will generally take between 16 and 22 days with TSL. The total time depends on:
a) which port your items leave/arrive through
b) which type of container you hire: using full container loads (FCLs) will save time as your consignment will not need to wait for other business’s cargo
c) your cargo type: certain items will be subject to more customs checks by the Australian Border Force on arrival into Australia
c) inland travel time
d) weather conditions.

Low-Cost Air Freight From Indonesia

Shipping via air is more expensive than sending with sea freight and is the option to choose if you wish to get your items into Australia more quickly. If you opt to import goods from Indonesia on an airplane, you’re looking at a total transit time of 1-7 days. The total time will depend on:
a) cargo type: certain items will be subject to stricter and lengthier customs checks by the Australian Border Force on arrival.
b) inland travel time.

For more information about how to import from Indonesia to Australia, or for any other inquiry about TSL’s services, please contact us via our website – or give us a call.