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How Can I Evaluate My Car Shipping Cost Myself?

Car Shipping

Do you want to find out how much to ship a car yourself, before even consulting a professional vehicle shipping company? There’s good news!

Even though it mightn’t be as accurate as having a veteran car shipping company assess it, there’s a TSL car shipping Australia guide you can follow to figure out how much would it cost to have a car shipped!

Step One

Always Remember: There are no Standard Rates

Whether you’re planning on shipping cars by sea or through other conventional means, don’t forget that there aren’t any standard charges for this. One thing to keep in mind when you go in search of costs on how to ship your car is the rate calculator.

Many regional and international car shipping companies have a rate calculator. Always consider any rate it offers for car shipping Australia as an estimate, at best. That way, you can keep your car shipping rate evaluation as accurate as possible.

Ultimately, rate calculators are fine, but in some cases, you might find that they may not be able to supply you with all the tangible data you need to make sound and well-informed decisions.

Step Two

Understand the Various Factors that Influence How Much to Ship a Car

As earlier mentioned, car shipping cost is affected by a lot of factors. Knowing what these factors are and how they affect how much it would cost to have your car shipped can help you know what shipping rates to anticipate for your vehicle.

Some Factors that Affect How Much to Ship a Car

Over the years, we at TSL Car Shipping Australia have been able to identify several factors that affect both shipping cars by sea and shipping through other channels.

When you want to ship your car, cost variables to factor in include but aren’t limited to the following:

The Size of your Car

As a general rule, the bigger your car is the more you can expect shipping it to cost. This is because the amount of space it takes and how much it weighs directly impacts car shipping Australia costs.

TSL Australia has had decades of experience and expertise handling vehicles of various shapes and sizes. With our team on the job, your car will be shipped overseas or within Australia in comfort and style.

Operational State of your Vehicle

If your car is in working condition, you can expect your car shipping costs to be significantly less than if it isn’t functioning properly.

Bear in mind that your vehicle will not be driven at any point in time to its destination. However, at several points in time, it would need to be loaded or unloaded from the shipping container.

If its mobility has to be augmented by tools like forklifts or winches, you can expect your transportation rates to go up.

Your Time Frame for Car Shipping

The quicker you want your vehicle picked up or delivered, the more you are likely to pay. There’s a simple reason for this. As a logistics company, every shipment is scheduled and planned ahead carefully.

An accelerated pickup or delivery means these plans also have to change quickly, leading to higher costs. There’s also the subsequent increase in risk to the shipment driver to consider.

In order to make your time frame, they might have to make fewer stops and even drive through the night. Your shipping cost increases to even out of these factors.

The Time and Season of the Year

If you’re planning to send or receive a delivery during bad weather or the holiday season, your shipping rate might be affected significantly. Even car shipping costs for shipping cars by sea is affected.

It is for specific reasons like these that rate calculator estimates shouldn’t be regarded as 100% accurate. This is because most of them aren’t programmed to factor in these unique circumstances.

Consequently, their estimates for car shipping Australia might be thrown off to varying degrees.

The Current Economic Condition

While this particular factor doesn’t necessarily carry as much weight as the others on this list so far, to ship your car with ease, it is still worthy of mention.