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Sinotrans is one of the largest shipping lines in China, and is owned by a state-owned corporation that’s been operating since 1950. Its two principal activities are dry bulk and container transportation. It handles over nine million TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units) annually. The company’s extensive network connects China’s major ports with other destinations in Asia plus Europe, Africa, North and South America and Oceania. If you need to organise vehicle, equipment or heavy machinery shipping with Sinotrans or with any of the other leading shipping lines, TSL is here to help you out.

Sinotrans Vessels and Equipment

The company owns 14 container ships with a total capacity of over 16,700 TEUs. It also charters ships from third parties. You can find out more about the company’s fleet here.

Heavy Machinery Shipping in Containers

Large items of machinery such as mining equipment or farming vehicles can be transported overseas in shipping containers. Heavy machinery shipping requires specialised freight forwarding due to the fact the cargo is bulky, heavy and often unwieldy. In many cases, it is also expensive, so extra care needs to be taken to guarantee it doesn’t get damaged. Specially adapted shipping containers may be used to accommodate larger items. Open-top containers, which are covered by a tarpaulin rather than solid metal, enable cargo to be loaded from the top. Flat-rack shipping containers are created without walls or a roof so they can hold different-sized items.

Sinotrans in Australia

Sinotrans container shipping service connects Brisbane with China, which is connected to other destinations in south-east Asia. If you would like to discuss transportation with Sinotrans or any of the other leading shipping lines, get in touch with TSL today.

TSL Customs Broker

TSL offers a top-quality customs brokerage service as part of its role as a freight forwarder. Customs brokerage (also called customs clearance) is clearing goods through customs barriers both in Australia and overseas. TSL understands perfectly that customs brokerage can be a delicate operation that requires a precise and reliable service.

Customs clearance is often time-sensitive – and at times, urgent. It is crucial for your business that this task is carried out with the utmost accuracy and care. For this reason, TSL has developed highly effective systems in order to make our customs brokerage highly precise and extremely dependable. When we organise your sea freight with Sinotrans, we always stick to these high standards so your goods are cleared for onward travel as quickly as possible, and with zero complications.