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Heavy Machinery Shipping | Breakbulk Shipping Service

PACC Line was established in 1997. It is part of the Singaporean company Pacific Carriers Limited (PCL) which began operating in 1973. One of PACC Line’s principal functions is to provide a professional project and breakbulk shipping service – and TSL is here to help you make the most of this expertise. We’re a Melbourne shipping agent able to organise breakbulk shipping with PACC Line on your behalf, as part of our comprehensive freight forwarding service. If you need to organise heavy machinery shipping or to transport other breakbulk cargo, please get in touch via our online form.

PACC’s Vessels and Equipment
The company offers its breakbulk shipping service using a fleet of 12 MPVs (multi-purpose vessels) as well the breakbulk carriers that it operates jointly with PCL. This amounts to over 50 vessels overall. These include loggers and larger bulk carriers including Handymax, Supramax and Ultramax. Many of the ships are equipped with cranes and grabs for loading and unloading.

What Is Breakbulk Shipping?
Breakbulk refers to any cargo that is loaded individually onto a vessel rather than being transferred onto a ship in a shipping container. It might be driven or towed onto RoRo (roll-on roll-off) carriers, or it could be placed in boxes, bags, crates, drums or barrels then lifted on.

What Kind Of Cargo Is Breakbulk?
The term ‘breakbulk’ describes oversized cargo such as vehicles and motor homes, and also refers to all types of heavy machinery shipping. Any company providing a breakbulk shipping service needs to take into account a wide range of factors due to the size, dimensions and cost of the load. Some examples of breakbulk consignments are:

  • Motorised vehicles like cars, lorries and tractors
  • Cargo that can be moved using trailers, e.g. yachts, caravans and rolling heavy plant equipment
  • Agriculture machinery such as fertiliser spreaders and verge cutters
  • Heavy machinery and tools
  • Power generation items like generators and turbines
  • Mining equipment such as conveyor belts, drilling rigs and mine roof supports
  • Steel and other metal products

International Shipping from Australia with PACC
PACC Line’s Oceania-Asia service connects Australia with Japan, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Singapore and New Zealand. It calls at the ports of Portland, Bunbury, Geelong, Brisbane and Adelaide. The Trans Pacific Service calls at Bunbury, Kwinana and Geraldton, connecting Australia with Asia, South America, Central America and the US.

TSL is a Melbourne-based shipping agent able to organise international shipping from Australia. We work with PACC as well as other leading shipping companies to provide a comprehensive service that includes heavy machinery shipping, vehicle transportation, bulk cargo, customs brokerage, warehousing and inland travel. As one of the best-connected shipping agents operating in Australia today, we can organise international freight forwarding services quickly and easily. If you’d like us to organise shipping with PACC on your behalf, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.