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Heavy Haulage in Port Kembla

Are you operating a business in the Illawarra region and need to transport some goods to another part of Australia? Perhaps you need to shift stock arriving into Port Kembla by sea, from elsewhere in the world. Whatever your heavy haulage needs, TSL Australia is here to help out. We’re a Melbourne-based logistics company providing excellent services in heavy transport in Port Kembla. We have one mission: to help you transport your goods quickly and economically anywhere in the world.

Our Comprehensive Logistics Service

TSL Australia provides a top-quality logistics service incorporating road, rail and sea transportation. We can easily help with heavy haulage in Port Kembla using our excellent connections with the best operators around. If you’re in New South Wales and need to arrange heavy transport in Port Kembla or any other part of the state, get in touch. No matter what size your load is, we’ll arrange for your items to be delivered anywhere in the country quickly, safely – and for highly competitive prices.

Port Kembla Heavy Haulage

TSL is an expert carrier of breakbulk cargo, large equipment, materials and vehicles. Our experts work with professionals in several industries transporting the following types of items:

  • Railway carriages
  • Earth-moving equipment
  • Pressure vehicles
  • Shipping containers
  • Dump trucks
  • Portable buildings
  • Agricultural machinery

The vehicles we use to perform heavy haulage in Port Kembla are sturdy, strong and resilient. They have special features to enable the safe transportation of heavy and oversized items. Features include collapsible mirrors, grabrails, cameras, side marker lamps, lockdown ramps, toolboxes, fuel-saving features, spring/airbag suspension, skid plates and aerodynamic technology. These all enhance safety, security and efficiency during the handling of your property. Some vehicles can be steered from the back; this ensures they stay firmly on the ground even at top speeds and when turning tight corners.

Port Kembla Heavy Transport Vehicles

When a curtainsider truck just won’t do the job, TSL calls upon a heavier-duty vehicle for Port Kembla heavy transport. Below we’ve listed some of the trucks and lorries that are used in the heavy haulage industry to transport larger items such as generator units, cranes and boats.
Rigid lorries are made with up to five axles and a single rigid chassis. These vehicles are often used to transport dry goods such as toilet paper and shipping containers. They are best suited to smooth, tarmacked roads.
Flat-bed lorries are rigid lorries used with flat trailers. This type of vehicle will often be used to transport large, bulky items such as concrete pipes and water tanks. Often the load is blocked or lashed to keep it still during transit.
Articulated lorries consist of a front unit and a trailer joined together. Because they are more flexible, they’re often used for extremely large loads. They perform well on non-tarmacked surfaces types such as on dirt, sand or gravel.
Side-loaders enable easier loading and unloading because they allow goods to be placed on the vehicle from the sideways, as the name suggests. This means the weight of the load can be distributed more easily and better use can be made of the space on the vehicle.
Low-loaders (sometimes called lowboy trailers) sit lower on the road than standard trailers which gives extra height. This enables the carriage of taller items including industrial equipment.
Prime movers are heavy-duty towing engines that are designed to haul trailered loads.

For the most part, the lorries and trucks used by TSL are also listed under Australia’s NHVAS (National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme).