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Geraldton Port has been a major seaport since the first ship anchored there back in 1840. Today it imports and export cargo to and from countries all over the world, including those in south-east Asia, Europe and the US. If you’re running a business in the Mid West region of Western Australia and need to organise sea freight from Geraldton Port, you can count on TSL Australia. We’re an expert Port of Geraldton freight forwarder and who can assist with all matters relating to logistics.

About Geraldton Port (Seaport Code: AUGET)

Geraldton, perched on the north of a small peninsula 423km north of Perth, is a major deep-waterport on the west coast of the state of Western Australia. The port caters for a wide range of cargo types including exports of grain and livestock, and imports of fertiliser and mineral sands. It also welcomes cruise ships and oil rig tenders.

For further information about Geraldton Port and for the latest news, please see the Mid West Ports Authority website.

Bulk Exports: Sea Freight from Geraldton Port

Geraldton Port’s deep waters allow it to accommodate the gigantic vessels used to carry bulk freight. Some bulk items exported overseas as sea freight from Geraldton Port include wheat, lupins, mineral sands, livestock and iron ore.

Bulk Imports: Sea Freight To Geraldton Port

Items imported as bulk sea freight to Geraldton Port include fertiliser, petroleum products and minerals. If you’re importing goods into Western Australia and need a Port of Geraldton customs broker to clear your shipment at the border, TSL can arrange this service for you with minimal delays.

Project and General Cargo: Sea Freight From Geraldton Port

As well as bulk consignments, Geraldton Port processes project cargo and general cargo. Project cargo refers to any consignment that is loaded individually onto a vessel rather than being transferred onto a ship in a shipping container. These are the items whose dimensions are too large or bulky for a container. General cargo vessels can be used to carry practically any type of dry non-bulk cargo, from agricultural machinery to railway lines. They are versatile and able to transport cargo in the container, bulk or bagged form. TSL is a Port of Geraldton freight forwarder able to organise all your project and general cargo consignments to and from this port.

TSL: Experienced Port of Geraldton Shipping Agents

TSL is ready to organise all your imports and exports through the Port of Geraldton. As a renowned Port of Geraldton shipping agent, we’ve formed excellent working relationships with all the best suppliers of services in sea freight from Geraldton Port. Whether you need a Port of Geraldton customs broker or a local sea, rail or road transporter for your goods, we’ll always be able to deliver your cargo on time. Our end-to-end logistics service covers all aspects of sea freight to Geraldton Port.