If you need to send items from Echuca to another part of Australia – or the world – check out TSL’s services. We provide great-value, efficient freight forwarding services to companies in the Victoria area and beyond. Our reliable customs clearance, airfreight and seafreight operations service is the result of many years honing our skills and expertise.

We regularly work with all kinds of consignment, including produce and goods that are delicate, perishable, oversize, valuable, heavy, time-sensitive or urgent. If you have a special requirement, we’d be more than willing to talk to you about your business’s needs. We are proud to have become one of the freight & logistics companies Echuca businesses can depend on to deliver a fast and trustworthy service.

Freight Forwarders Echuca

Freight forwarding is TSL’s core service and the area where we excel. We offer all services relating to imports and exports, including packing, transportation by road, sea or air (or a combination of all three), and customs clearance. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to ensure your goods arrive safely at their destination – whether that is 100km, 1,000km or 10,000km away.

Customs Clearance Echuca

Customs clearance (sometimes called customs brokerage) is ensuring all imports and exports are cleared through customs barriers successfully. TSL offers customs clearance services for clients throughout Victoria and beyond. We are 100% aware of how important it is to get this service right. Why? Because not only is it time-sensitive (and sometimes urgent), it is a delicate operation that needs to be carried out by agents who know the ropes. If your cargo isn’t cleared by customs, that is an awful lot of time, money and effort wasted which is definitely not good for business. TSL has developed highly effective customs clearance systems over several years. The end product? Customs clearance Echuca and its businesses can depend on.

Seafreight Echuca

TSL can ship any size consignment in or out of Australia. Our services cover both full container loads (FCLs) and less than container loads (LCLs). On leaving Echuca by road, your goods will be transported to Melbourne port to be exported. Your goods will always be transferred from vehicle to vessel in the shortest timeframe possible – TSL knows that time wasted is money lost. Your consignment continues to be in safe hands once it has left Australia: TSL’s good relationship with ports worldwide guarantees speedy transition times and safe handling of your valuable cargo.

Airfreight Echuca

Do you need to fly some goods, equipment or product samples from Victoria to Malaysia or New Zealand – or perhaps to Canada or the US? Or are you looking to fly some items into Australia from the UK or India? TSL can organise the operation from pick-up to delivery, and provide all the peripheral services you may need. We have established relationships with all the best service providers and airlines in order to guarantee your shipment will arrive safely and on time, every time.

Shipment Tracking with TSL

Whether travelling by road, air or sea, once your items have left Echuca, TSL will provide you with real-time information about your consignments throughout the time they are in transit. We believe a transparent and honest service is the best kind of service.

Guaranteed great service

When choosing freight & logistics companies, Echuca businesses have a wide variety of options available throughout Melbourne and Victoria – but not all have TSL’s experience, professionalism, customer service and fantastic prices.