Freight Forwarders & Customs Clearance Sale


If you’re in need of a logistics company that is speedy, reliable and efficient, we should be able to help. We serve businesses throughout Victoria and Australia, offering the full range of services to ensure your consignment arrives on time, every single time.

Freight Forwarders Sale

If you need large volumes of goods transported throughout Australia or to another part of the world, you won’t be disappointed with TSL’s service. Our professional approach ensures we’re exactly the type of business you want to be entrusting with your valuable goods.

    • As well as transportation, our service can cover any (or all) of the following:
  • Packing: need to get the goods ready to send? TSL can pack them up for you, making your life easier and saving you labour costs
  • Storage: TSL works with warehouse providers throughout Australia and the world, offering attractive prices for your short and long-term storage needs
  • Distribution: we can provide 24/7 distribution services including drivers and vehicles once your goods have reached their destination

Outsourcing these tasks allows you to lighten your workload and focus on more important areas of your business, such as sales and customer relations.

Airfreight Sale

Flying your goods across the world is by far the quickest transportation method available. Because of the fees and extra services required (such as Australian port fees), it makes sense to use a reliable shipping agent who can organise all aspects of the operation.

Seafreight Sale

Shipping is an excellent method of transportation if you are not limited for time. Many international businesses choose ocean freight for its financial benefits – sending goods via the sea is a lot cheaper than air travel. What’s more, Australia’s ports are particularly well suited to sending and receiving cargo because of the long history have with sea freight and our huge geographical distance from most parts of the world.

Customs Clearance Sale

If you are importing goods from overseas into Australia, you may be surprised that items can take up to two weeks to get through customs. Why? Because of Australia’s strict customs and excise laws, enforced by the Australian Port Authorities. Customs clearance is often a delicate operation that needs to be carried out with precision. TSL Australia has the experience to process cargo with care and accuracy, with fantastic results every time.

Expertise and experience

Looking for freight & logistics companies Sale and beyond? Get in touch with TSL today to discuss your company’s requirements.