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As a country that prides itself on ensuring that its citizens provide nothing short of the best products and services, Australia has one of the export strictest shipment customs clearance protocols in the world today.

This means that if you want to leverage the export market to distribute your brands and stock of wine, you need a partner with experience in international freight shipping. TSL Australia provides its clients and customers in Australia unique export access to the rest of the world with logistics and transport services that streamline the supply chain of their business.

As wine exporters with a nation-wide reputation and network, our team boasts all the necessary resources, including the warehouse and packaging facilities your business needs to quickly obtain export approval, handle customs clearance, and gain entry into the budding export markets in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Bulk wine delivery around the world, our exclusive logistics service specialty, requires a level of precision that few transport services in Australia can provide. Be it from Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth we can pick up your cargo of Australian wine, and brands of all types and deliver it to Mainland China, Hong Kong, the USA, or any destination you so choose on the globe in perfect condition by air freight.

We partner with you to optimise your distribution and transport supply services, increasing your penetration of the international markets on every level. The TSL Australia team makes it our business to cover the gap between alcohol producers and suppliers in a way that improves distribution logistics solutions for bulk wine and spirits shipment out of the country.

Open International Wine Markets to Export to

According to 2020 wine exports reports, the demand for premium Australian wines only continues to rise in export markets like the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Mainland China, to mention a few.

As an exporter of just pure wine (excluding alcohol like wine beer, spirits and other beer-based intoxicants), there are several open markets in the world right now that you can use the freight services of TSL Australia to transport to.

As wine remains one of the most successful export products in the country at the moment, some places you can expect our shipping services to help you enter with our services stretch across every corner of the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Canada, the United States of America, and of course, Mainland China.

Due to the heavy level of competition in these areas, finding the right freight forwarder who can help you efficiently tap into the potential they offer Australian exporters who exclusively ship wine, (and not alcohol like spirits, wine beer, or plain beer) is rare.

You can leverage the vast resources our services put at your disposal to make the most of your wine export business.

How to Export Wine From Australia

There are some requirements that must be fully met if exporters want to access freight forwarding or transport services for their wine cargo to the United Kingdom or China.

Depending on the product size or stock of wine freight cargo you want to transport, you might need to acquire a few documents before you can be granted export approval.

Some of which include but aren’t restricted to;

  • A licence from the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation (Exports),
  • Proper authorisation for the shipment of wine products in excess of certain quantities, and
  • Export approval for the cargo.

As an example, if your business operates as producers of wine exclusively and you want to export your wine cargo out of Australia, you would need to first get authorisation for this if the wine cargo freight stock exceeds 100 litres in quantity.

Also, as part of the freight logistics solution our transport services team offers, we are very active in the process of getting shipment approval for our customers to various regions.

To fully tap into the wine export market from Australia, your business also needs to acquire a wine export licence duly approved by the Wine and Brandy Corporation. Freight transport of wine freight cargo out of the country’s borders is impossible without this.

Our wine freight forwarders also offer consultation services that help you get this permit promptly.

All wines and spirits intended for the export market are also expected to be in a certain condition. Before betting your wine cargo on the fastest air freight service out of the country, our wine freight forwarders and customs brokers’ team guide you to ensure that your distribution and supply network is not disrupted by customs clearance.

How much do Freight Forwarders Charge?

One of the factors that give business owners pause when they want to enlist the service of international freight forwarders is the price tag that such services might come attached with.

What a forwarder charges for this service will ultimately depend on the quantity of wine you want to transport, how you want to transport it, and how far it’s headed.

Broadly speaking, wine can be transported in,

  • Bottles,
  • Flexi-tanks
  • ISO tanks (usually 21000L capacity).

As you would imagine, shipping large quantities of wine across a long distance would be more expensive than moving smaller quantities over relatively short distances. Packaging, handling, and branding also matter too.

To know exactly what you will be paying, contact a professional wine freight consultant here.

Even though our air freight logistics services costs are offered at competitive rates, it doesn’t sacrifice quality service for the price. We value our customers, which is why we continually strive to give them the best of both worlds.

Our exports services for your wine freight cargo get the product to any destination on the globe in as-in state and condition.

Why Access to Expert Freight Forwarding Export Services for Wine Alcohol Beverages is Important in Australia

Exporting wine is a very serious affair in Australia because of the significant income it generates for the local economy. Because of this, all wine export cargo or goods must meet certain transportation conditions requirements set by the Australia Border Force or they won’t be allowed to leave the country.

Even the preparation of the temperature-controlled shipping containers that will be used for the supply of this wine cargo must meet certain standards.

To that end, there are several aspects of the exporting process you have to pay attention to. No matter how experienced you are in this area, to reduce costs and the risk of unexpected delays with your various wine brand exports, it is always beneficial to work with freight agents who have an intimate understanding of this field.

Depending on the international market you want to transport the bulk wine cargo to, whether Canada, the USA, China, New Zealand, or any other nation in Europe or Asia, substances like wines and even spirits need several important documents if they are to leave any state in the country freely, be it Sydney or Adelaide in South Australia.

Working with a competent team TSL Australia removes some of these demands from you, as in addition to providing exports services across Europe, we help your bulk wine cargo and beverages any condition set by customs clearance. Also, your cargo packaging and warehousing are more effectively seen to.

What’s more, our team works with you even after your cargo has arrived at the foreign destination, by offering packaging services and a warehouse that you can stock your wine cargo in before it moves further down the supply chain.

TSL Australia Team – The Perfect Logistics Solution for Your Supply Chain

One thing that makes TSL Australia exporters and the level of transportation service we offer stand out from the crowd is that we do much more than just provide you with an international freight forwarding service you can depend on. We know that from time to time, our clients might need assistance with packaging and warehousing after our temperature-controlled wine shipping containers arrive at their destination country.

Upon request, we can provide a warehouse large enough to take wines of all types. Our packaging service is also second to none.

We pay a high level of attention to our client’s needs, which is why we are always ready to step in and provide valuable assistance, whether it’s packaging, warehousing, or freight forwarding services you need on a dime.

So, if you’re preparing to ship bulk wine for air freight service, contact us to know what we can do to improve your supply chain today.

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