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Exporting from USA to Australia is big business – the USA is the world’s largest and richest economy, and incoming trade from this highly populous country is worth a huge AU$ 34 billion per year (2018-19). Are you interested in enjoying a slice of the cake – and looking to organise low-cost sea freight from USA to Australia? Or maybe air freight is your preferred method.

Whatever your shipping needs, and whatever type of cargo you’re thinking of importing into Australia, TSL is here to help. We offer high-quality services in sea and air freight shipping from USA. Our offerings cover all segments of the logistics process, including pick-up, packing, warehousing, heavy haulage, customs clearance and more.

Low-Cost Sea Freight From USA

Arranging sea travel is typically cheaper than opting for air freight shipping from USA, but of course, does take longer – usually between 26 and 36 days depending on whether your consignment is arriving from the East or the West Coast of USA. The distances involved are significant, with at least 11,500km of sea to cover between the two continents.

Trajectory For Sea Freight From USA

Cargo originating from East coast ports – such as New York and Savannah – needs to travel down to Central America and through the Panama Canal in order to reach the Pacific Ocean, increasing the distance significantly. For example, to bring a load from Boston, Massachusetts to Sydney, Australia the distance is more like 18,000km. Since most container ships will sail up to California’s Long Beach Port and make a stop there before continuing west towards Australasia, the total journey time is likely to be around 36 days – and sometimes up to 40.

Ocean Transit Times from USA To Australia

Below are the estimated journey times for exporting from USA from the USA’s busiest five ports:
Port of Los Angeles (state of California, West coast)                26 days
Port of Long Beach (state of California, West coast)                 26 days
Port of New York & New Jersey (NY state, East coast)              32-35 days
Port of Savannah (state of Georgia, east coast)                         35 days       
Port of Seattle-Tacoma (state of Washington, West coast)       32 days       

TSL has built up longstanding relationships with some of USA’s top shipping companies sailing to Asia, Australia and Europe. Thanks to our fantastic professional partnerships with logistics providers all over the planet, we can easily organise low-cost sea freight from USA on your behalf.

Low-Cost Air Freight From USA

Sending items from USA to Australia by plane is by far the quickest method of transportation. It may take as little as 24 hours to fly your goods from US to Australian soil. The maximum transit time for freight arriving into Australia by air is six days. The transportation time we’re able to offer you will depend on the availability of direct flights. One thing that’s also important to consider is that air freight shipping from USA is more costly than ocean transportation.

USA Fact File (figures from 2018-19)
: 328 million
Capital: Washington DC
Currency: US dollar
Location: North America
Bordering countries: Canada and Mexico
Distance from Australia: 11,500km at the closest point
Major ports: Los Angeles, Long Beach, New York & New Jersey, Savannah
USA’s major exports worldwide: Food, beverage & feed; crude oil & fuel; civilian aircraft; aircraft engines
USA’s top 3 export destinations: Canada, Mexico and China (16th Australia)
Top 3 USA exports to Australia: Passenger motor vehicles; aircraft, spacecraft & parts and pharma products
Annual USA goods exports to Australia: AU$ 34 billion
Total annual goods trade between Australia and USA:
 AU$ 48.7 billion
Free Trade Agreement with Australia?
 Yes, the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA)

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