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Exporting from Germany to Australia is big business, with incoming trade from this European country worth a huge AU$ 15 billion in 2018. Are you interested in enjoying a slice of the cake? Allow TSL to guide you through the process of exporting goods into Australia. We offer high-quality services in sea and air freight shipping from Germany. Our offerings cover all sections of the logistics process, including pick-up, packing, warehousing, heavy haulage, customs clearance and more.

Low-Cost Sea Freight From Germany

Sea travel is usually cheaper than organising air freight shipping from Germany, but of course does take longer – typically around 42 days. Over many years, TSL has built up great relationships with some of Germany’s top shipping companies. Firms such as Hamburg Sud, Hapag Lloyd and BBC Chartering are regularly exporting from Germany to other nations within Europe and beyond. Thanks to our fantastic professional relationships with logistics providers all over the planet, we can easily organise low-cost sea freight from Germany on your behalf.

Low-Cost Air Freight From Germany

Sending items from Europe to Australia by plane is by far the quickest method of transportation. After all, the distances involved are huge, with around 13,500km between the two continents. It may take as little as 24 hours to fly your goods from German to Australian soil. The maximum transit time for freight arriving into Australia by air is six days – the total time taken depends on the availability of direct flights. One thing that’s also important to consider is that air freight shipping from Germany is more costly than ocean transportation.

Quick Tips For Doing Business In Germany

  • Business culture in Germany is like that of Australia, but with a stronger focus on formality, order and hierarchy. Familiarity will generally not be viewed well, so use surnames in communications and always be punctual for meetings and other appointments
  • English is widely spoken in Germany, but remember it’s always polite to check first
  • July and August are slower months for business because of the European summer holidays
  • Frankfurt is Germany’s main centre for international business and commerce

Germany Fact File (2018 figures)
: 82.9 million
Capital: Berlin
Currency: Euro
Location: Europe (bordered with nine other European countries)
Distance from Australia: 13,500km
Major exports: Machinery including computers, vehicles, pharmaceuticals and medical apparatus
Top 3 exports to Australia: Passenger motor vehicles, medicines and pharmaceutical products
Annual goods exports to Australia: AU$ 15 billion
Total annual goods trade between Australia and Germany: Almost AU$ 17.8 billion
Germany’s top export destinations: The United States, France and China
Free Trade Agreement with Australia? Find out here
Major ports: Hamburg, Bremen, Bremerhaven and Emden