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If you’re looking to expand your business network and sell products in North America, why not export to USA by sea or air with TSL? The USA, which has a huge population of 328 million, is the world’s largest, most competitive and technologically advanced global economy. This combined with a highly competitive consumer demand, minimal language barriers and great access to global supply chains makes the USA extremely suitable for trade with Australian businesses.

Areas of potential to export goods to USA include:
-Advanced manufacturing (aerospace, marine, automotive)
-Agribusiness (precision ag, agtech, food processing, aquaculture)
-Financial technology (commercial banking, lending, securities exchange, wealth management)
-Renewable energy (generation, distribution and maintenance)
-Edtech (K-12 sector, higher education and corporate/adult learning)

If you have spotted an opportunity and are looking to secure low-cost sea freight to USA with a reputable and reliable logistics company, get in touch with one of TSL’s team today. We’ll organise every aspect of the freight forwarding process for you – and charge you an extremely competitive rate.

Export To USA By Sea Or Air

If you need to export goods to USA, you can count on our knowledgeable staff to arrange the whole operation for you. Perhaps you need a speedy factory relocation from Canberra to California, or to shift a fleet of agricultural machinery from Adelaide to Alabama. It could be that you’re plotting an exciting new venture to market products to USA consumers on a regular basis. Whatever your reason to export goods to USA, you won’t be alone – the merchandise trade between Australia and USA is currently worth around AU$ 48.7 billion per year (2018-19 figure).

The top 3 Australian exports into USA (2018-19) are currently beef, aircraft/spacecraft and pharma products – but there’s plenty of potential to market goods from other industries too. For more information on USA’s market profile, please see this information compiled by Austrade.

Low-cost Sea Freight To USA

TSL has fantastic relationships with shipping lines throughout the world, and as such we can trim down prices and secure you great deals on low-cost sea freight to USA. Ocean transit from Australia to USA takes between 26 and 36 days – not bad considering there are at least 11,500km to cover (and probably more unless you happen to be shipping from Brisbane to Los Angeles).

USA has around 360 commercial ports, the five busiest of which are listed below along with estimated transit times from Australia:

Port of Los Angeles (state of California, West coast)               26 days
Port of Long Beach (state of California, West coast)                26 days
Port of New York & New Jersey (NY state, East coast)             32-35 days
Port of Savannah (state of Georgia, east coast)                         35 days         
Port of Seattle-Tacoma (state of Washington, West coast)     32 days

On arrival upon USA’s shores, your goods will be forwarded by road or rail to their end destination within USA or the wider zone – perhaps they’re destined for Canada or one of the central American countries such as Mexico.

Low-cost Air Freight To USA

Depending on the type of consignment you are sending and your time constraints, it may be preferable to choose air transportation over ocean freight forwarding to the USA. Air freight takes much less time; usually between 1 and 6 days depending on the availability of direct flights. Some North American buyers may specify a preference to export to USA by air. Shipping and flight schedules may also affect which transit method best suits your needs.

AUSFTA: Less Export Tariff Australia to USA

The Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) has been in force since 2005. This deal has meant exporters pay less export tariffs from Australia to USA, making Australia a much more attractive country for the USA to invest. It has thus secured greater access to the USA market for Australian products.

The agreement removed many tariffs on Australia’s highly exported products in manufacturing, farming and mining industries. Since the agreement was introduced, two-way trade between the two nations has almost tripled. Australia has also been given preferred status as an FTA partner to protect it from any future global safeguarding measures. All these measures help contribute to less export tariff from Australia to India, which is great news for investors on both sides of the ocean.

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