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Looking to export to India by sea? TSL offers a top-quality logistics service helping Australian businesses export goods to India. This merchandise is destined either for sale on the Indian market or in landlocked South Asian countries such as Nepal and Bhutan.

Freight forwarding is an intricate process made up of hundreds of different links. These join up together, forming a chain that starts the moment your produce leaves its source location in Australia – and continues up until its safe delivery at its Indian destination. It’s vital that your logistics provider knows what they’re doing – and has great working relationships with those in charge of each link in the chain. With TSL, that’s a given.

India Fact File (figures from 2018-19)
: 1.3 billion
Capital: New Delhi
Currency: Indian rupee
Location: South Asia
Bordered with: Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh
Distance from Australia: 5,500km between closest shores
Major Indian ports: Mumbai, Kandla, Visakhapatnam, Chennai and Kolkata
Top 3 Indian imports from Australia: Coal, natural gas and gold
Annual goods imports from Australia: AU$ 16.2 billion
Total annual goods trade between Australia and India: AU$ 21.1 billion
Free Trade Agreement with Australia?
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Goods Export: Australia To India

When you export to India by sea, you can expect a transit time of between 24 and 32 days, depending on your start and end points. Your goods will leave Australia at the port that makes most sense financially, logistically and geographically. Cargo will likely enter India at one of the country’s 12 main ports, which include:

  • Mumbai Port in the western state of Maharashtra
  • Kandla Port in the north-western state of Gujarat
  • Visakhapatnam Port in the south-eastern state of Andhra Pradesh
  • Chennai Port in the southern state of Tamil Nadu
  • Kolkata Port in the north-eastern state of West Bengal

It will then be transported by road or rail to its final destination.

TSL’s Sea Freight Services To India

When you export to India by sea with TSL, you’re benefitting from decades of experience serving clients in the logistics industry. Our teams are ready to handle any eventuality during the transportation of your goods. Some of the subtasks we may organise are hiring a machine surveyor, carrying out shipping consultations on transport methods, packing, labelling, steam cleaning, applying for oversize permits and escort services, arranging special equipment for loading and unloading oversized items and requesting release after unlawful seizure by overseas customs.

TSL’s Air Freight Services To India

You may assume that ocean transportation is the best option for your consignment. However, after assessing your needs, our professionals may recommend you export goods to India by air instead. This may be due to time restrictions, with air freight services to India taking a maximum of just 6 days compared to up to 32 by sea. Air freight could be the better option because of difficulties or delays associated with clearing items through certain ports in Australia or Asia. In some cases, it may be the overseas buyer who specifies that you employ air freight services to India rather than ocean transportation methods.

What TSL Will Do For You

-Find the most cost-efficient way for you to export goods to India
-Strike deals with air and sea carriers to trim down rates for your business
-Cater specifically for your company’s requirements

More About Goods Exports Australia to India

Austrade’s Guide to Exporting has lots of useful tips for those who wish to carry out goods exports Australia to India. To find out more about how TSL can help you, please get in touch with our friendly staff in one of the following ways:

-Use our Contact page
-Call us on 613 9533 8886 or 613 9525 0801
-Email us at [email protected]

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