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Export Goods To China

Are you hoping to export goods to China from Australia? Looking for a professional freight forwarder to assist you in the task? TSL Australia is at your service. We can provide great-value and highly efficient freight forwarding services for businesses looking to export to China. Our wide-ranging services cover everything from packing to distribution, and from customs clearance to warehousing. Our aim is to be an air & sea freight forwarder Chinese and Australian businesses can really depend on.

Why Export To China?

China is Australia’s number one export country – in 2018, we exported goods worth a huge AU$118 billion. Our most significant exports into China are in iron ores, coal and natural gas. China also imports huge amounts of precious stones, wool, livestock, cereals and wood from Australia.
China has seen rapid economic growth in recent years, with millions being lifted out of poverty. It has a huge population of around 1.4 billion and a growing middle class. Growth has led to an increased demand for imported products, creating new opportunities for Australian businesses to sell to high-earning consumers with large disposable incomes who are hungry for the products our country has to offer.

 Export Goods To China With TSL

There’s huge potential for exporting products from industries such as food and drink, including alcoholic beverages including wine and craft beer, and complementary medicines including supplements. Factors such as growing urban density, e-commerce platforms, and low-price local delivery services all make it easier for the Chinese consumer to access Australian goods.
To educate yourself further about exporting to China, have a read of this market profile, compiled by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade).

 The ChAFTA Free Trade Agreement

Exporting to China has been made a lot easier in recent years thanks to the ChAFTA(China-Australia Free Trade Agreement) which came into force in 2015. This pact has led to increasingly preferential rates for Australian companies wanting to import goods into China. Many items can now enter China tariff-free – great news for Australian exporters.

 Freight Forwarding to China And Beyond

If you’re going to carry out freight forwarding to China, you need to know you’re doing it with a service provider you can fully trust. Freight forwarding is a specialized industry, and operations between Australia and the rest of the planet are made all the more complicated because of our geographical distance from the majority of other countries. While Papua New Guinea, our nearest neighbor, is just 6km from Australian shores, China is a colossal 7,500km away. This is huge compared to Asian and European countries who often share borders, making it much more straightforward to trade goods.

Air & Sea Freight Forwarder China

If you’re looking to export to China from Australia, you’ll need to decide whether sending the items via sea or the ocean is the best option for your needs. As a quick guide, air freight to China takes around 1-5 days with TSL Australia and is the more expensive option. It is best used for cargo that is relatively light and does not take up too much space. Sea freight takes longer – think in terms of 18-35 days, depending on which part of China you are exporting to. Ocean transportation is more suited to consignments that are heavy, oversized or bulky. To find out more about TSL’s services as an air & sea freight forwarder to China, Click Contact link below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.