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Are you looking for a reliable freight forwarder? Here at TSL Australia we have one mission: to get your precious consignment from A to B as quickly and as easily as possible – and for the best-value price. We’ve spent years perfecting our operations so that we can bring you the best possible level of service. We’ll help organise your Thai imports of goods by either sea or air, as well as sorting out all the other aspects of the job. This may include inland travel, customs clearance, packing, distribution and warehousing. We aim to be the best exporter from Australia to Thailand possible – and we hope you’ll love using TSL.

Why TSL?

Our experience is a product of many years’ direct operational involvement in freight forwarding throughout Australia, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and America. We understand the full range of logistics services required by today’s global business environment, and offer an effective, customer-led service to meet this need.
For your peace of mind, all our departments are staffed with well-trained professionals operating within the guidelines of our mission statement.

Thailand: Imports Of Goods

Have you considered importing goods into Thailand from Australia? There are plenty of reasons why exporting to Thailand could be a wise move for you and your business. Thailand is one of the ASEAN countries (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations). All these nations have growing populations and with bigger numbers of middle class and consuming class members. These individuals have increasing needs for imported goods and services. What’s more, Thailand has an excellent infrastructure network, making it easy to transport your goods to their final destinations once in Thailand.

Export By Air from Australia To Thailand

Sending your consignment to Thailand in a plane is the quickest way of getting it there. If you export by air from Australia to Thailand, you can expect the entire operation to take between one and six days. Air freight is ideal if your cargo is not too heavy or large.

Export By Sea from Australia To Thailand

Sending freight via the ocean takes a little longer than if you export by air from Australia to Thailand – transportation times are typically between 18 and 30 days. Sea freight is cheaper than air freight and will work well if your consignment is bulky or heavy.

Freight Forwarding To Thailand And Beyond

Freight forwarding is a highly specialised industry. Operations between Australia and the rest of the world are made more complicated because of Australia’s distance from most other countries. While our nearest neighbour – Papua New Guinea – is just 6km away at the nearest point, Thailand is a colossal 6,000km away. This is huge compared to European and Asian countries who often share land borders, making importing and exporting much more straightforward. When sending your precious cargo that far, you need to know you’re doing so with a freight forwarder you can trust.

TSL: Best Exporter From Australia To Thailand?

We strive to be the best exporter from Australia to Thailand, and we can’t wait to help you and your business out. If you’re interested in benefitting from years of expertise and experience, get in touch with TSL Australia today. Already have an idea about what sort of freight you wish to send and where from/to? Click the Contact link below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. You can also give us a ring or drop us an email to talk to us about anything else. We look forward to hearing from you.