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Need to import or export items through Western Australia? If you’re looking to ship goods into Australia or send them overseas and your geographical location is the south part of the state, you may end up doing so through Esperance Port. TSL is a Port of Esperance shipping agent able to organise all your operations in sea freight from Esperance Port. No matter what size your business, we can provide an excellent service to make your imports and exports easy. We also offer a Port of Esperance customs broker facility so that your goods succeed in entering their destination country with ease and zero delays.

About Esperance Port (Airport Code: AUEPR

Over 200 ships pass through Esperance Port per year, with over 11 million tonnes of trade being processed there annually. The port is a regional trade hub and exports more nickel concentrate than any other port in the southern hemisphere. It represents the gateway between Australia and the world markets for nickel mining in Australia. Because the port is exceptionally deep, it can handle vessels of up to 200,000 tonnes. If you need a Port of Esperance freight forwarder to organise sea freight to Esperance Port – no matter how big or small your consignment – get in touch with TSL today.

Exports: Sea Freight from Esperance Port

Major exports from Australia through Esperance Port include nickel concentrate, iron ore and grain.

Imports: Sea Freight to Esperance Port

Major imports into Australia through Esperance Port include fuel, fertiliser, containers and sulphur.

You can find out more about imports and exports through Esperance Port from Southern Ports Authority, which also covers Albany and Bunbury.

Container Cargo to and from Esperance Port

The standard size for shipping containers is 8ft X 8.5ft X 20ft/40ft. Extra-tall shipping containers, which are 9.5ft high, are also available. Your Port of Esperance shipping agent will organise your container hire on your behalf after discussing your needs with you. Hiring private, full container loads (FCLs) will usually mean your consignment arrives at its destination more quickly. This is because it will usually be subject to fewer delays than if you share less than container loads (LCLs) with other businesses or individuals. Your Port of Esperance freight forwarder will be able to help you decide which option works better for you.

Bulk Sea Freight from Esperance Port

Esperance Port is a bulk port that can handle huge consignments. The main types of bulk cargo processed through this port are grain and nickel concentrate. Bulk cargo refers to items that are shipped unpackaged in large quantities, rather than being transported in containers or packages. Material is in either liquid or granular form, or as a mass of relatively small solids, such as petroleum or crude oil, coal, grain or gravel. Bulk cargo is typically dropped (solids) or poured (liquids) into a merchant ship or tanker truck for exportation.TSL is a Port of Esperance freight forwarder with the contacts and know-how to be able to organise your bulk cargo consignments, no matter how big they are.

TSL: Top-quality Esperance Port Shipping Agents

TSL Australia is an Esperance Port shipping agent with excellent links with top industry suppliers of services in sea freight from Esperance Port. Whether you need a Port of Esperance customs broker or local transporter for your imports or exports, we’re 100% confident we can deliver your cargo on time, every time. Our end-to-end logistics service covers all aspects of sea freight to Esperance Port.

If you’d like to know more about TSL’s services, please fill out our Free Freight Review and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.