Duties of a good Customs Broker
12 Feb
12th February 2018
customs broker

The changing law and order in different countries of the world have made the process of customs clearance very complex. Countries tend to modify the customs rules every day in order to satisfy the safety parameters. Though, these new rules are good for coping with the security issues they are making the movement of consignments different for the consignees. These new laws have certainly increased the demand for the customs brokers.

Who is a customs broker?

A customs broker is someone who is responsible for making your customs operations smooth. A customs broker is a person who has all the knowledge related to the paperwork and documentation required during the customs clearance. A customs broker advises his clients on how to go with the whole process of the movement of goods across different countries.

What are the tasks performed by a customs broker?

A customs broker performs numerous tasks in order to provide your shipment a smooth flight. Here is a list of tasks that a customs broker performs for you:

1. Classification of goods according to the commodity description system. They inspect the product data in and to make sure that it matches the rules and regulations.
2. Sees all the payment related issues and the tax on the consignments.
3. Plan the whole documentation for the movement of the shipment between the countries.
4. Signs all the papers by using the power of attorney from the client.
5. Ensures fast clearance of the goods through the customs and clear the road of their delivery to the destination.
6. Always keeps knowledge regarding the changing laws and regulations in different countries. This is a continuous process and they do it by attending meetings, expert gatherings and also by taking the help of different journals.
7. Tracking the location of goods. They use devices like GPS to make sure that they always know the location of the goods.
8. Suggesting methods for the transportation of goods and also the best routes through which the shipment should be carried.

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