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Customs Clearance Australia With TSL

All goods imported into Australia are subject to inspection by the Australian Border Force (ABF). This is in line with Australian customs and quarantine laws. An accurate and valid import declaration must be provided for your imports to be allowed through. All duties need to be settled beforehand.

Duties and taxes are payable for goods worth AUD$1000 or over entering Australia as air freight and sea freight. These include customs duty and goods & service tax (GST). Other taxes may be applicable depending on the items being imported. For certain goods, such as alcohol and tobacco products, separate duty rates apply.

Australian Customs Service

TSL is a Melbourne customs clearance agent with decades of experience in Australia customs and quarantine processes. We’re here to help you with every aspect of freight forwarding operation.

Custom Clearance Australia with TSL

We’ll sort out all the necessary paperwork and logistics and iron out any issues that crop up. This leaves you to concentrate on other things. Our comprehensive service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Air or sea travel
  • Inland/onward transport
  • Storage
  • Packing/unpacking
  • Distribution
  • Third-party logistics
  • Door-to-door travel (DDU/DDP)
  • First-time customer care

Parcel Post Clearance

Goods that arrive in Australia by post are cleared by the ABF (previously the Customs and Border Protection service). Some items may be opened for value assessment or for inspection for the possible presence of prohibited or restricted goods.

Clearing & customs duty, taxes and charges do not apply to goods sent by post unless the goods have a declared value of products. The Australian Post sends out a notice on behalf of the ABF to the importer or addressee of the parcel or goods. This notice gives instructions on how to obtain international parcels customs clearance. For tobacco or alcohol products, regardless of their assessed value, the importer will receive an invoice for payment from the ABF.

Air or Sea Freight Clearance

Goods and imported by plane or boat pass through the SAC (Self Assessed Clearance) process that is lodged electronically. This applies only to goods below $AUD1000. GST and duty do not apply to SAC declarations unless the goods consist of alcohol and/or tobacco products.

Exemptions For Customs Duty On Personal Belongings

Moving to Australia from overseas? You’ll usually be able to transport your belongings into the country without paying customs duty and tax on them. Personal belongings and household goods will generally be eligible for the personal effects tariff code.
To import goods under this code, you’ll need to have owned all the property while overseas. You also must be arriving from a location outside Australia.

GST and Custom Duty Calculation

Customs duty is based on the value of the goods. It is calculated using the price paid for the imported goods at the time of export, which is then converted to Australian dollars. The duty rate can be anywhere between 0 to 10 percent of the customs value. For GST, the duty, cost, customs value, international insurance, transport, and other applicable taxes are added to calculate the total value.

Duty Concessions

Certain goods may be eligible for reduced or deferred duty fees, for example as part of the Tariff Concession System. Tariff Concession Orders, designed to support Australia’s manufacturing industry, may be available where no Australian manufacturers of the imported items exist.

Free trade agreements (FTAs) also offer advantages to Australian importers by reducing or eliminating customs tariffs. Australia currently has FTAs with New Zealand, Singapore, the US, Thailand, Chile, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Peru and Indonesia. The AANZFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership cover several other countries, including Laos, Vietnam, Canada and Mexico.

TSL’s Comprehensive Brokering Service

Looking for customs clearance services in Melbourne or elsewhere? Get in touch with TSL Australia. We are licensed customs brokers who will arrange a customs clearance service agreement for your goods in good time, every time.

Our high level of service has earned us an excellent reputation Australia-wide. We have many valued customers across our networks in the US, Europe, Africa and Southeast/South/East Asia.