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What can a Customs Broker Business Expect in 2018?

In trading businesses, market access negotiations are considered a cornerstone. The foundation of World Trade Organisation has been made it impossible to reach any fake deal on the trade at the worldwide level. Since 2000 the number of regional free trade and bilateral agreements has doubled globally. With the development of technology, trading businesses are thriving today and so are the risks. Export-related regulations and controls have become quite tough thus customs brokers are facing many issues. Different authorisation requirements are set because of some purposes such as national security and safeguarding people.

Organisations have also been forced to respect an increased number of international sanctions and avoid certain sharp penalties. Prominent trends in export regulations, customs clearance, and preferential trade continue to shape worldwide trade and also a way to customs brokers to approach good trading opportunities in the coming months.

According to the latest stats, electronic customs clearance provides various opportunities to the companies willing to take back control of the flow rate of their goods. Such sort of things enables customs broker to strengthen transparency and compliance and save a good amount. The government has already put a lot of efforts in logistics and supply chains and it seems that the trend is not going to stop this year.

There are many customs broker in Australia that remain in the headlines for good corporate responsibility practices and financial outcomes. But this is completely a different story when it comes to trading dual-use goods to some countries. Any type of breach of the Federal Act on the implementation of international sanctions is not a holdup affair. The legislation anticipates around five-year fines or imprisonment.

In this respect, regulations in Australia are counted the tightest in the world, with customs broker organisations facing the risk of trade ban or being blacklisted in case they fail to comply with the deliveries and orders. On the other hand, those who strictly abide by the export regulations are enjoying the benefits from general export licenses. Getting familiar with the regulations is not enough yet. They also need to produce relevant certificates and licenses along with the supply chain. In terms of export, individual middlemen and customs brokers are of no help, only a company can be held answerable for a violation thus accountable for compliance.

TSL Australia Logistics operates as a provider of top-class customs clearance broker services in Australia. We believe a company with strong connections, IT integration including the screening of destinations, goods and partners etc. can offer more safety and also comply with the relevant regulations. In 2018, we are thinking of providing our customers with advance shipment solutions and competitive pricing.