Need to ship a car or a fleet of vehicles from or to Australia? TSL can help out! We are a Melbourne-based freight forwarder operating an efficient and reliable car shipping service. We’ll ensure your vehicle reaches its destination in the quickest time possible, whether by RoRo or in a shipping container. We can ship cars of any description (and in any working order) with our top sea freight forwarding service.

What is RoRo Car Shipping?

RoRo (or roll-on roll-off) car shipping means your vehicle is driven straight onto the vessel for shipping. It enters the vessel via a ramp and is then fastened securely before being transported. Once the ship has arrived at its destination, your car(s) can be driven off again. The largest RoRo vessels can carry up to 6,000 vehicles at a time. The decks are fully sealed and watertight to protect them from the weather and salty sea water during transit.

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Why Ship Cars With RoRo?

Shipping cars using RoRo is often cheaper and more efficient than using shipping containers. Here are some of the reasons why:
Lower labour costs – fewer port workers are needed for crating, packing, flat rack loading and general port handling
Reduced processing times – hours are saved during loading and loading, as the shipment is rolled straight onto the vessel rather than being packed up and loaded/lifted with a crane
Greater efficiency – RoRo vessels are designed to carry thousands of cars, which would take up much more space if transported in shipping containers.

What If My Car(s) Is Not In Working Order?

No problem! TSL regularly deals with cars that are not fit to be driven onto a vessel, for example if they need work doing that you are planning to carry out in the destination country. It may be possible to tow these types of vehicles onto a RoRo vessel for transportation, using a trailer. If they cannot be towed, they can be lifted onto a regular vessel with a crane (referred to as lift-on lift-off, or LoLo) or placed in a shipping container.

Shipping Cars In Containers

You are a number of reasons you may need to ship a car using shipping containers rather than RoRo or LoLo.

Use of space:

If you ship a car in a container, you have the advantage of being able to use all the space around the vehicle too. You may need to transport other goods at the same time as your car. In these cases, it may work out more cost efficient for you to transport all your goods in the one container. So if you are relocating to another country, you might have the family car, your furniture and white goods all in one 40ft shipping container. This sort of space sharing is not possible when shipping your car with RoRo, as RoRo vessels only allow you to transport motorised vehicles (or those that can be pulled along by a trailer).

Port restrictions:

Not all ports worldwide have the ability to welcome RoRo vessels. If you are keen to use RoRo to ship your car, TSL will be happy to discuss your options with you. It may be possible to ship to a port with RoRo capability and to continue the remainder of the journey by road. To find out more about your specific requirements, please fill in our Free Freight Reviewcar shipping
and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Let TSL Ship Your Car(s) For You

TSL is here to organise every aspect of your customs clearance and sea freight forwarding for you. We excel in all areas of imports and exports and are here to ensure your produce arrives at its destination – worldwide – quickly and efficiently. We can handle any consignment – just talk to us to find out what we can do for you.