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The TSL Australia team is comprised of staff with several decades of experience in shipping vehicle model of all kinds to people in Australia. We possess a unique understanding of import restrictions and readily offer the best import option to expedite the transit times of your vehicles.

Whether you’re importing a road vehicle for personal or commercial purposes, we help you handle all necessary details from luxury car tax (LCT), customs duty, and GST to ensuring that the vehicle conforms to all requirements that bodies like the Department of Agriculture have in the country.

Below is a concise list of relevant information you should know when seeking car shipping services in Australia.

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What Cars and Vehicles Can be Imported to Australia?

Australia has one of the strictest customs control in the world. This standard holds with vehicles and car imports as well. It is also the primary reason you need to consult with a competent car shipping company. That way, you can avoid committing an offence by making sure that your vehicle meets all importation requirements.

Some steps you can take to verify if your vehicle or car imports meet the set standards is to check the Register of Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles or (SEVS) website. Alternatively or in addition, you could also look through the Registered Automotive Workshop (RAW) website as well. If you can’t find it on either SEVS or RAWs, it may be that the car or vehicle isn’t allowed into Australia.

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Vehicle Import Approval Permit in Australia

This is one of the most important documents in need for shipping a vehicle across the nation’s borders. Bringing in a car without this document is essentially prohibited. This is more so the case when the automobile in question is classified road vehicles.

TSL Australia remains one of the few international shipping companies nationwide that can assist you with getting this approval permit and boosting your vehicle transit times significantly.

If the automobile isn’t one manufactured for road use, you are allowed to bring it in without this document.

Requirements for Importing Cars and Road Vehicles in Australia

Even before deliberating on whether you need Roll on Roll off service or you’ll transport the cars and vehicle via container, it is crucial to know what details and requirements the process entails.

Different categories of cars and vehicles will have different set standards. For example, road vehicles will demand that you possess a road Vehicle Import Approval. Without this, the vehicles or cars will not be released from the care of customs control. However, if the vehicles don’t fall under road use, that is, if they won’t be driven on roads, then this document won’t be necessary.

Vehicles like tractors and excavators are not road vehicles and so don’t need a Vehicle Import Approval permit. But some of these vehicles are subject to vehicle regulations set by entities like the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, and so on.

As such, in Australia, the more regulatory bodies are involved in the transport of a particular vehicle model, the longer you can expect the process to take. Some other information on the registration steps for various vehicle and car models may be available on the SEVS and RAWs website.

How are Cars Imported into Australia?

Once it has been fully established that your cars and vehicles (and any modifications they may carry) conform to all Australian design rules and can be brought into the nation without an offence being committed, the next thing to do is determine the best import option for you.

The import option you choose is vital because it has a direct bearing on the conditions of the vehicles or cars you’re shipping. As there are multiple road vehicle and car import options for different vehicle models, you can expect factors like registration documentation, GST, customs duties costs, and luxury car tax (LCT) to reflect this accordingly.

When you commission the staff at TSL Australia to transport your car or vehicle via Roll on Roll off or via container shipping freight service, we help you pick the best transport and shipping alternative for you.

To ensure the cars and vehicles of every resident in Australia passes through customs clearance and customs control smoothly, we assess the models of the vehicles (be it a luxury car or other vehicles designed for road use or vehicles that are governed by Department of Agriculture standards) and implement the best transport option for the item.

What is the Best Import Option for a Resident or Business in Australia?

Before getting the services of a car shipping company, any individual or business that plans to import vehicles must have a clear picture of what number of import options are available to them. There are a great number of import vehicle options you can utilise, but you must meet the requirements they demand first.

For instance, if you’re only visiting the country for a short time, certain import options allow you to import vehicles and keep them in Australia for as long as 12 months.

For citizens of Australia looking to import road vehicles for traversing roads within the country, you have the option of applying for an Import Approval permit, as directed by personal individual circumstances.

When a business needs to import vehicles, certain models highlighted on the Register of Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles (SEVS) and Registered Automotive Workshop (RAW) platforms don’t require such documentation and registration process.

But if your business relates to agriculture and the non-road vehicle you’re importing is a tractor or excavator, there are certain Australian design rules specified by the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, and Communications, the vehicles must meet.

Whether you want to import vehicles and cars for roads or any number of other business needs you might have, TSL Australia experts provide a thorough analysis of the best approach to take with customs control to reduce customs value, LCT, GST, and custom duty costs. We also provide consultants to assist you through the registration process and help you fill the car or road vehicle imports application form properly

From Spain to New Zealand and Russia, we make it our job to find the least costly way to transport your cars and vehicles into Australia. We carefully navigate any import restrictions for your car and deal with customs control with experience, ensuring that your delivery is never late.

Outside New Zealand and the USA, Australia imports vehicles for its roads from several other countries. Here’s how the process works with a few of them.

How we,

Import Car from Japan

We offer one of the fastest RORO shipping and delivery services for vehicles coming to Australia from Japan. A lot of documentation is necessary for this exercise to be carried out successfully. We supply you with all the details and information you need to handle everything from SEVS to Personal Import Scheme.

We do more for you by letting you know what to expect in terms of customs control clearance, compliance costs and also supply information on storage costs, where necessary. We deal with custom duties details at ports in Osaka and Nagoya and secure your car or road vehicle delivery in record time.

Import Cars from Korea

People tend to consider Korea when they want to get cars and vehicles in mint conditions. We make vehicle shipping via ports in Ulsan, Busan, and Gwangyang to Australia easy and stress-free.

TSL Australia staff assists with securing your import declaration which gives you a clear idea of everything you need to put in place from customs duty to GST and luxury car tax (LCT).

Whether it’s for family or personal roads needs, we provide you with shipping and clearance service you can depend on. Our job is to ensure that regardless of prevalent conditions, your car gets to you in perfect shape, and we render that service well.

Import Car from Germany

As one of the world’s leading experts at sturdy machine and equipment creation, it’s no surprise that a lot of car and vehicle imports come from Germany. When you take on our services, we evaluate the models of the vehicles and cars you want to import, ensuring that any modifications that they have don’t result in restrictions to their import.

With our GST and LCT calculator, we provide an affordable quote that’ll ensure the prompt transport of your vehicle into the country’s borders. Our feedback system is unparalleled, helping us stay ahead even in the most challenging conditions.

Import Cars from Turkey

When bringing in cars or vehicles via any freight service means from Turkey into Australia, it is always helpful to have certain information at hand.

At TSL Australia, our shipping services comprise various steps that provide information on customs value and other variables like LCT, GST, and storage costs. For instance, most people aren’t aware that the presence or absence of something like side intrusion bars plays a role in the quote they get when they take on transport services for a car or vehicle.

Import Car from the Czech Republic

Our shipping services provide one of the fastest deliveries for vehicles from the Czech Republic to Australia. We transport your cars via the fastest routes and use our brokerage experts to attend to all clearance requirements both at the origin and destination ports.

When you use us as your shipping service provider, you never have to worry about your vehicle transport cargo committing any import offence.

Import Cars from China

You can transport vehicles from China to Australia via a lot of routes. However, that isn’t to say that all these options are 100% viable for you.

Whether or not the road vehicle models you want to import are immediately apparent on SEVS or RAWs, we help you design the best channels via which you can bring them in. We analyse the LCT and GST you have to cover based on the customs value of the car and walk you through the necessary clearance procedures, all at an affordable price.

Import Car from Italy

Today, Italy ranks as one of the largest exporters of products in the world. That being said, to transport a road vehicle from there into Australia requires considerable expertise.

We provide a service that helps our customers sort through all the export tariffs, customs duty and acquire the necessary licenses to facilitate the quick delivery of your car via ports in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

How much does it Cost to Import a Car into Australia?

The compliance costs estimate you get to transport a car or vehicle into Australia will depend on factors like the customs value of the item’s goods and service tax (GST), the luxury car tax (LCT), customs duty, and even factors like the side intrusion bars. You find out most of the value for these variables when your import declaration is processed.

Employing the service of a transport agency with sterling reviews like TSL Australia goes a long way in mitigating these expenses.

TSL Australia – The Best Vehicle Importation Company

Two things people should always look for when transporting their cars and family vehicles via any channel include a friendly quote and great customer reviews.

These are the foundation on which our service delivery is built. Whether you need RORO or container shipping service for your precious vehicle, we come through for you at an affordable price always.

Our staff is always ready, round the clock to supply you with information, offer consultation services and discuss import logistics .Contact us to know more about the services we provide.

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