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Danish company Thorco is an industry leader in project and breakbulk sea freight. The company, which was founded in 2003, is part of the global conglomerate Thornico, which consists of 120 companies operating in various sectors including food, technology and fashion. Despite being part of such a huge group, as a family-owned company Thorco strives to retain its small business feel.

Thorco’s Breakbulk Shipping Service

Its breakbulk shipping service is used by both small- and medium-sized businesses and global Fortune 500 companies. Its main business areas are 1. project cargo and heavy lift, 2. wind energy, 3. oil and gas, 4. general cargo and steel, 5. yachts and boats and 6. dry cargo.

What Is Breakbulk Shipping?

Breakbulk shipping lines transport cargo as individual pieces rather than transporting it within a shipping container. The items might be driven or towed onto RoRo (roll-on roll-off) carriers, or they may be placed in boxes, bags, crates, drums or barrels then lifted on.

What Kind Of Cargo Is Breakbulk?

Breakbulk cargo is the heavyweight stuff. It’s the bulky, tall items such as heavy machinery, vehicles and motor homes. Some examples of the type of consignment carried by breakbulk shipping lines such as Thorco are:

  • Motorised vehicles such as cars, lorries and tractors
  • Cargo that can be using trailers such as yachts, caravans and rolling heavy plant equipment
  • Agriculture machinery including fertiliser spreaders and verge cutters
  • Heavy machinery and tools
  • Power generation items such as generators and turbines
  • Mining equipment like conveyor belts, drilling rigs and mine roof supports
  • Steel and other metal products

Thorco Vessels

Thorco owns one of the largest fleets of multipurpose vessels in the world, with special lifting capabilities designed to handle heavy, oversized and bulky cargo. Unlike other breakbulk shipping lines, several of the company’s ships have ice class, meaning they’re suitable for use in icy waters. Because all vessels have a shallow draft, they can deliver cargo at any type of port.

Shipping from Australia with Thorco

The company’s Far East / Australia trade line provides one sailing per month. If you’d like to make use of Thorco’s breakbulk sea freight service, speak to one of TSL’s logistics experts today.

Book Thorcos’ breakbulk shipping service with TSL

If you need to organise international shipping from Australia, it makes sense to use a booking agent such as TSL. Our scope is not limited to the breakbulk sea freight operation itself – we’ll manage the whole operation for you from pick-up right through to delivery. Our comprehensive service includes air freight, sea freight, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution.