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Australian Wine Exports

If you’re hoping to export Australian wine overseas and need to find a professional freight forwarder to help you out, try TSL. We can organise all aspects of the wine shipping process – whether you opt for sea freight or air freight for your wine shipment. We’ll also help with customs clearance, including the Certificate of Origin and Health Certificate for your Australian wine exports.

Why Export Australian Wine?

Australian wines are extremely popular throughout the world, and it’s not surprising when you consider the number of delicious reds and whites that are produced in this country. We certainly have the climate for it, and wine fans worldwide certainly have a taste for it – an incredible 22 million glasses of Australian wine are thought to be enjoyed around the world every day.

Australian Wine Exports

Australia is the fifth largest wine exporter in the world, and over 60% of its wine production is sent to foreign markets. Wine exports bring us over $2.5 billion in revenue per year. If you’d like to make some money from Australian wine exports, look to TSL for all your freight forwarding needs. We’re an expert wine exporter able to organise your wine shipments. We can send them as air freight or sea freight anywhere in the world.

Foreign Wine Markets

There are over 2,000 Australian wine exporters, sending tens of thousands of different types of wine to importers in over 120 destinations worldwide. Australia’s top five export markets for wine shipping by value are: China (33%), the US (18%) and the UK (14%). By volume, however, the UK beats China to the top of the chart.

Wine Export Approval (WEA)

Anyone exporting wine from Australia needs to carry outa number of legal procedures before their consignment is ready for export. This is to ensure only great-value products end up in the glasses of overseas wine drinkers, which protects the reputation of Australian wines throughout the world.

Wine Australia, the government body regulating wine exports, states that all wine shipments over 100 litres need export approval. Products have to be registered with the body before exportation. You can apply for Wine Export Approval (WEA) online.

Free Trade Agreements

Some countries require additional documentation when receiving Australian wine imports. This depends on the country you are exporting to, and the trade agreement between Australia and that country. Once you have obtained WEA for your wine, you can hand over your wine shipping task to TSL Australia and we’ll do the rest. We’ll obtain your Certificate of Origin and Health Certificate on your behalf, and arrange customs clearance so that your shipment arrives in its destination country with no hiccups.

TSL Expert Wine Exporter

TSL offers reliable logistics services in Australian wine exports anywhere in the world. We are highly experienced in wine trading and have an extensive global network. We’re connected with all the best providers in wine exports services both within Australia and overseas.

A Comprehensive Service

As well as helping our customers export wine as air freight and sea freight, TSL is available to carry out a number of peripheral services to help your business. We’re a professional freight forwarder offering a full range of logistics provisions including warehousing, packing, distribution and online tracking.