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Are you looking for a reliable provider to carry out air freight imports from Qatar to Australia? TSL provides a fully comprehensive freight forwarding service, covering all aspects of international freight operations between these two countries. Our activities cover both sea and air freight shipping from Qatar. We are based in Melbourne, Australia, with our services extending all over the globe and spanning several industries. TSL works with businesses in both countries, helping them export and import goods and assisting with low-cost sea freight from Qatar, as well as low-cost air freight services.

Why use air freight imports from Qatar to Australia?

Shipping goods on an airplane is, of course, the quickest way of transporting them the 10,500 or so kilometres between Australia and Qatar. It is ideal if your consignment is not too heavy or bulky. With TSL, air freight imports from Qatar to Australia usually take between one and six days. The total time taken will depend on a number of factors, such as where your pick-up and delivery points are, and how much inland transportation is required in each country. Please note, this mode of transportation is more expensive than sending goods via the ocean.

Why Trade With Qatar?

There are several reasons why you may choose to do business with this tiny country with a population of just 2.6 million. For starters, Qatar is one of the most economically secure countries in the Gulf because of its huge oil and gas reserves. It has also been a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the body regulating international trade, since 1996. For more information about this Middle Eastern country, please see the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Australia imported around $AU 275 million worth of goods and $AU 653 million of services from Qatar in 2016-17. Major imports from Qatar to Australia include fertilisers, aluminium, refined petroleum, sulphur and iron pyrites.

Tips For Doing Business in Qatar:

1. Qatar is an Islamic country which follows Sharia Law.
2. While English is used for business purposes, many documents need to be in Arabic by law – for examples invoices and product labels.
3. It takes time to build up trust and relationships in Qatar – winning business may be a longer process than what many Australians are used to – so don’t rush things. The key is patience. Many visits the country and multiple meetings may be needed before deals are reached and papers are signed.
4. Qatar is more conservative than Australia, so men should always wear a shirt, suit and tie during business meetings. Women should dress modestly in long-sleeved tops and skirts below the knee (although headscarves are not necessary).
5. Men should shake hands with other men, but are not advised to touch women unless they’ve given a clear sign that this is OK.
6. Things to avoid are a) using your left hand to pass objects, eat or drink (this is considered unclean) and b) sitting with the soles of your feet facing the people you are with (this is considered offensive).
7. The working week in Qatar is Sunday to Thursday.

Low-Cost Sea Freight From Qatar

Did you know that as well as offering great options for air freight shipping from Qatar to Australia, TSL can help you out with low-cost sea freight from Qatar? Transporting your goods via the sea is cheaper than carrying out air freight imports from Qatar to Australia and is undoubtedly the best-value way of transferring consignments from Qatar. Ocean cargo will usually take between 35 and 45 days to reach Australia from Qatar. It is ideal if the goods you wish to import are heavy or unwieldy. For more information about this (or about any other aspect of freight forwarding between Australia and Qatar), please contact TSL today.