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Importing merchandise to Australia from USA is certainly big business – incoming trade from this North American country is worth around AU$ 34 billion annually (2018-19 figure). Perhaps you’re planning to import goods from USA? If so, ­you’ll need to find a logistics provider you can fully trust. TSL offers high-quality air and ocean freight services from USA to Australia. Our offerings cover all aspects of freight forwarding, including pick-up, packing, warehousing, heavy haulage, customs clearance and much more. Allow us to guide you through the process of how to import goods from USA into Australia.

Air Freight Services From USA

Sending items from North America to Australia by plane is by far the quickest transportation method. It may take as little as 24 hours to fly your goods from USA to Australian soil. With TSL, the total time taken for air freight services from USA to Australia will depend on whether there are direct flights available – it could take up to six days. It’s worth remembering that air transit is usually more costly to organise than ocean freight services from USA.

Ocean Freight Services From USA

Sea travel is generally cheaper than arranging air freight services from USA, but of course this transportation method does take longer – usually somewhere between 26 and 36 days. There is at least 11,500km of sea between the two continents, and the total distance covered will often be significantly longer owing to the fact both Australia and USA are extremely large countries. TSL has built up great relationships with the top shipping companies operating worldwide, so we’ll easily be able to arrange ocean freight services from USA on behalf of your business.

Heavy Haulage For Inland Travel

When working out estimated journey times for your cargo, remember you’ll need to take inland travel into consideration. If your goods are being shipped by sea from one of the USA’s 27 central landlocked states such as Iowa or Utah and needs to be delivered to a location in western Queensland, you’ll need to add quite a few extra days on either end for land transportation. Naturally, sending your goods via a freight plane will mean it’s likely to get closer to its final destination, since there are many airports located inland.

Inland travel to get your cargo to its end point may be carried out via the railway or road networks of USA and Australia, by or using a combination of both. TSL will identify the most cost effective and efficient method for your business. Whether you’re importing to USA by sea or by plane, your cargo will be forwarded to its end destination in our expert heavy haulage vehicles and handled using specialised equipment such as cranes and industry-approved trailers.

Our Promise To You

TSL Australia offers a comprehensive freight forwarding service covering Australasia, Asia, the Americas and Europe. You’ll be in great hands with us – we draw upon decades of experience working with clients all over the world. No matter what you’re transporting – and whatever the size of your consignment – we’ll set up every link in the chain from pick-up right through to delivery. You can count on us to help you import goods from USA to Australia with ease and expertise, every time.