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What are the latest trends to see in Air Freight Industry?

Air freight services generally involve the shipment of parcels and goods through the air channels. Since 2015, the conditions of this particular industry have improved at a fast pace. Capacity growth is still expected to continue to outpace the demand. On the other hand, yields and revenues are under-constrained.

In some countries, the freight volumes are increasing at a double-digit level month over month, which people have not seen for past few years. Currently, the air freight market can be considered as dynamic in nature. Latest market analysis has highlighted a demand surge and in order to get volumes flown and secure capacity, clients simply have to pay a higher price.

According to the recent analysis, the overall annual growth of 4.1% can be seen. But economic stability may seriously affect such predictions. The worldwide economy remains exquisitely stable and at the leniency to trade protections and agreements, geopolitical issues and oil prices that will remain fragile in different areas.

Increased competition is a significant factor that makes air freight industry to expect a certain loss of market share to container lines. This is not a factor in Australia where fluid conditions are never the matter of concern and reinforce the air freight providers meet their deadlines, for all sorts of shipments. The air freight services of this nation contribute a large share towards the success of trading activities and economy. At present, Australia is exporting its products or services to around 200 countries all over the world. So, the container utilisation is expected around 98-percent through the month of December, this results in high rate levels in 2018 and we can expect continuous increase announced in coming months.

European countries are experiencing more pressure on their air freight services thus various importers are avoiding the congested shipment in those regions. There are some reputed agencies that have forecasted a little bit change in the strong market conditions this year, with exceeding demand over capacity.

But what happens in the future months remains to be seen!

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